How Come Every Time Kate and I Take Pictures Something Weird Happens?

Ok, granted, Kate and I shot Tara and Brian’s wedding last weekend and the only thing weird that happened is that a friend of ours had a really real wedding, got married in front of everyone and then GAVE us alcohol, champagne even, for FREE.  If you haven’t been caught up to date with the history of this phenomena, read this awesome entry and then come back for more.

Bachelorette Party pre-free champagne wedding. Photo by Mandy Wheeler.

Two Sundays ago Kate and I met up again because we had so much fun using up batteries and chowing on moldy samosas the previous week that we just HAD to do it again.  We packed little purses full of jewelry and found ourselves on Mellen St., one of the nicer roads that intersects with infamous Grant St.  Really — Mellen has a church-looking thing, some nice Victorian but kind of artsy houses and, well, you can see Deering Oaks Park from there and on a good day there’s no homeless guy peeing against a tree in your direct line of sight.

Deering Oaks Park is an awesome place to pretend your bra is a bathing suit, Kate.

We set up shop on the church-looking-place steps and whipped out the camera, the jewelry, and had it.  A good chunk of the way through our wares we noticed this guy had just appeared, at the foot of the steps, silently and had is back facing to us.  I looked at Kate, Kate looked at me.

We did get some work done, pre-Creeper.

See, we BOTH have worked on Congress St. in coffee shops and pharmacies, so this second sense for weirdness detection has developed in both of us.  Also maybe a magnetism for weird stuff to happen developed, too.  One time a guy peed at my job.  And has anyone carrying a huge cross ever returned a Snuggy to you?  Ok, so now you understand where we’re coming from.

So this guy, we call him Creeper, is standing there, maybe ten steps down.  We’re on the top step sitting, camera between us, organizing jewelry.  After our first acknowledgment we continue quietly about our work.  But then Creeper walks up four steps, so now he’s super close to us, and still says nothing.  I look straight at him, right in the eye, and nothing.  Second acknowledgment:  Kate and Audrey simultaneously throw their jewelry in to their pockets/bags, grab the camera and… GO.

Kate's perfect outfit!

We shuffled up the block then broke in to a little jog and found a cute patch of grass outside an awesome wall where Kate danced around with her crafts on her excellent jacket.  But then who should come slinking up the street?  Creeper!!

This time all bets are off:  politeness be damned, we start bolting up Mellen and back to Congress St. where at least there will be a bunch of witnesses when this guy steals our camera, maybe stabs us a couple times, God, who even knows what?  Luckily at the corner we ran in to Mike who, not totally convinced of Creeper’s creepiness, invited us to the State Theater to hear Brenda play.

Enhanced 100 creepy times

The good news is it’s another good story AND we got blurry pictures of Creeper.  The bad news is we didn’t shoot as long as planned so my Etsy posting has dried up this week which should be no problem next week since I just made a billion pairs of beerings for your drinking and accessorizing pleasure.

Stay vigilant, Portland!


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