Day 7: Swap It!

December is a great month, hands down, probably second only to October.  October’s great because the trees are bright, the air is crisp, and the weather changing is pretty darn romantic.  Oh yeah, and my birthday’s in October.  But December’s great because people are unquestioningly nice at the end of the year.  The crosswalk on Washington Ave. is all of a sudden visible where motorists used to zoom by.  People let each other have parking spaces even if they were there first.  Lots and lots of giving.  Giiiiiive!

But with all this giving of one’s self, giving lovely gifts to other people, you absolutely can’t forget about giving yourself something new, or at least new to you.

So:  swap!  Organize a clothing swap with three of your closest, most fashionable friends.  Have a cookie party and everyone bakes a huge batch and everyone gets to bring an assortment home.  Get together with crafty people and trade unique handmade items with each other. OR do what Heidi Finn and I did tonight…


It's not weird to kiss a camera, is it?

I’m so excited for my new Nikon D80.  And she loves her Toyo 45 CF.  And it’s like we just gave ourselves the best freaking Christmas presents.  EVER.

She and her mother met me in Newburyport, MA tonight (halfway point between our houses) and we traded excellent pieces of equipment.  It was so good to see a Mass. Art face again, and especially lovely to meet her mother!

Visit Heidi’s website and get excited for the future digital love that you’ll be seeing on my blog!


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