Day 10 of Giving: Little Eye’s Picnic Picture Raffle!

Us at Picnic last year, so festive!

Today’s my day to give a gift to you!  I’ll be giving one lucky Picnic-goer a $25 Little Eye Gift Certificate to use on Etsy, at the Biddeford Art Walk, or for a personalized custom order!

Here’s how it works:

1.  Go to the Picnic Holiday Sale at 34 Gray St (Irish Heritage Center, corner of Gray and State).  The fair goes from 12pm-8pm Saturday 11th, 12pm-5pm Sunday 12th.

2.  Find Little Eye Designs and Kate Sullivan-Jones‘ table and mention the raffle to Audrey.

3.  I’ll take your picture perusing our wares.  (You’re a star!)

4.  Within the week I’ll post a picture to my blog of the winning local shopper who can use $25 however they’d like with Little Eye!


This is going to be fun — really, I’m just looking for an excuse to test out my new D80!

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