Day 12 of Giving: Take a Minute For You

dog tired. Image by Audrey Hotchkiss.

Wellity, wellity, wellity!  Picnic is over and I am DOG TIRED.  Granted, when I got home I cleaned the living room, tidied up the kitty litter box (gross.  it will always be gross.  i will never get used to it) and did the dishes..but!  I do understand that part of giving to others is giving back to yourself!  Once my antsiness calms down I will definitely take my own advice.  🙂

What is it that you do that totally relaxes you?  Whether it’s an afternoon nap, going for a walk with your family, or escaping to the countryside for a drive — there’s no time like the hectic rush of the holidays to take a half day, a whole day or a weekend to yourself.  Sounds crazy, but you’ll love giving this to yourself!


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