Cameraman Hair Clips by Little Eye Designs, not yet listed.

I don’t have much time here. Why?  “What have you been up to?” you think — well here it is, in a nutshell.

Friday was nice friend time.  When you end up at Amigo’s at any point past midnight you know you’ve ‘still got it.’  However — whether I ‘have it’ or not I was definitely going home with it shortly after.  Lady’s gotta sleep!

Saturday I took advantage of some more-than-excellent sales at Michael’s and A.C. Moore and, yet again, ended up with an inappropriate amount of ribbon.  Why do I keep doing that?  I think I’m going to start wrapping my shipped items in it just to justify my weird impulse.  I also watched “Hoarders” for the first time and am glad to know that although I’m cluttery I’m not pathological and I don’t eat food that’s been expired for two years.  Did you know I’m also organizing a craft fair?  Some work was done for The BIG THAW today, too.

Sunday started with our new crafty morning tradition with Kate and Kristina although ‘crafty’ also translates to ‘eating pancakes,’ ‘eating chocolate croissants,’ ‘talking about lifetime movies,’ ‘painting our nails,’ or whatever one really sees fit to do.  I started working on Kate’s birthday present, which matches her hair, even though she was right there.  Whatever!  Kristina had to go and Kate and I totally did the following:  went to Michael’s to buy paper for business cards and chain for my new creations, went to CVS to buy printer ink for business cards, shot a bunch of Etsy photos, modeled for each other (see above picture) and printed business cards.  Whoa!  Oh yeah — I also assembled an entire wedding album.  Go me!

My new project involves those bezels I was telling you about a week ago.  They are awesome.  Here’s a little non-descript picture of the scene on my coffee table this weekend:


Cloudy Sky paper is a classy backdrop for epoxy pouring...

I’m very excited – these are super classy.  On the right are EARRINGS which I’ve never really been able to successfully do.  I’m making SETS and they’re going to be prettyyyyy.

Lastly, now that I have paper and ink it’s going to be fun to be merchandising Little Eye again.  It’s always way more official when you’ve got matching fonts and clip art.  G’night kittens!




It’s no secret that I’ve been busy the last couple of… years.  No, but seriously, just as everyone else is winding down after the holidays, taking it easy, waiting for Spring to get here Little Eye Designs is starting new projects and venturing in to uncharted waters.

Enter… The BIG THAW.  Wow!  What started as “Hey, we should put on a craft fair, that’d be cool…” became “Oh my Gosh!  We are putting on a craft fair!!”  Saturday, April 16th to be precise, at the Mayo Street Arts Center at 10 Mayo Street in Portland, Maine.  The fair is called The BIG THAW and by clicking on that anywhere in this post it’ll take you to the fair’s site for more info and how to apply.  We’ve already got some excellent people on board, including Kris Johnsen of Emblem Studio and Meagan Anderson, who collaborated once upon a time and made this thing of beauty:

Kris Johnsen. Meagan Anderson. 'Nuff said.

Don’t you love those zebras??  I think they’re cuddling.  We’re looking at a celebration of all things not-winter and we figured it’d be safe by mid-April to hope for good weather!  We’re very excited to be holding the event at Mayo Street Arts, which in addition to being very community and arts oriented has NEVER had a craft and vintage sale before!  So we’re going to debut in that amazing, brightly lit space in what used to be a church.

So for all the info you need, one last time, go to


IN OTHER NEWS. I love new materials.  I posted awhile ago about the new findings I’d gotten from bunnysundries on Etsy and how they’re going to change my world.  Last night I poured epoxy in to them and will be shopping for brassy, bronzy chain this weekend to make them shine.  I nearly threw up while I was pouring last night because I’m so excited about how they look already.  Around 6pm tonight we’ll know the truth.  If all goes well this will be a great way to class up Little Eye while staying true to the concept of making affordable, attainable, functional art.  I may strictly do necklaces, rings and earrings with these findings but bottle cap pins and magnets will always be in the product line!  Ohhh, *sigh* photos to come!  Sure hope I mixed the epoxy right…

The Elections That Count – Phoenix Time

Like a mythological winged serpent that rises from the ashes, it’s time to thaw out Portland businesses, institutions and individuals from their winter slumber.  I take it as a personal duty to vote every day (you’re allowed to vote once a day!) for my local favorites.  After all – credit where credit’s due!  That’s an easy mantra.

Click here to ensure healthy egos in 2011.

Slow down a bit!


Cat love, making my eyes red and puffy. Totally worth it.

In the last couple of days I’ve ramped down my productivity on purpose.  I read an inspiring post from blackgirlinmaine (who I love) about how on the internet we have the tendency to always show our best side, what we’ve accomplished, how we’ve dazzled our families with fresh baked goodies and a five-course-meal (with ZERO trans fat!) but always fail to report on the small, not so victorious stuff.

It makes sense we’d put our best face forward on the internet, just like one would at a social gathering.  But!  For how much I utilize it, frankly I’m getting a little P-O-ed at the internet these days.  Connections with friends become more and more incidental.  Invitations are filtered through Facebook events and not with a phone call.  News comes at us a thousand stories a second and all the stories, youtube videos and RSS feeds do not make up in quantity what they lack in quality.

Don’t even get me started about my cell phone.

So today I decided to take a relax.  The morning was spent with cereal and a great book, Slow Eddie.  Bruce Jones, the author, is my friend Kate’s dad and his storytelling is immaculate.  I’m so charmed with his characters and I told (okay, I texted) Kate yesterday that her Dad made me cry!  You should order this book, right now.  Bruce will even autograph it for you.  And good news for when you’re halfway through and realizing with horror that there are only 80 pages left:  he’s working on another.  Phew!  Seriously if you haven’t gotten yourself a copy by the end of this post you’re a damn fool.

After I’d had enough of that I tended to a little housework.  We’re focusing on the living room this week because of a new, amazing piece of furniture we got.  More on that in a sec.  Here’s the thing — housework can either be focused and calming or stressful and overwhelming.  I picked the tasks that were the former:  dishes (almost all of them got done!  Hurray!), cleaning the past-filthy cat litter box (gross but satisfying), and taking our enormous pile of unopened mail and organizing it and, hell yes, in some cases opening it!  Good news:  no one is suing me.  Bad news:  there are still a lot of people who want money!

Then, because I’d been a jerk for two weeks and hadn’t taken any new pictures of items to list I did some of that.  Just a little.  Then my Dad came over and we ate cold pesto while we waited for Joel to be around so we could pick up THIS:


Custom-Designed Media Console by Joel Platz.

Ohhhhh yeah.  We brought this solid wood, walnut-veneered work of beauty home today in my Dad’s ridiculous, bright yellow Pontiac Aztek.  My dad also found $20 on the ground.  Which is good because all I had to pay him in was cold pesto pasta salad.

About this furniture:  this piece was designed specifically for my home and components!  It’s substantial formally, but in our living room it is perfectly sized to get the job done but not take over the place.  I’m going to set up an anti-cat force field around it (surprised they haven’t tried to climb in already).  See that compartment in the middle?  It’s built specifically to house my vintage receiver.  Ultimately I’d like to mount our flat screen (which is currently sitting on top of the console) so that we can put our record player on top.  The bottom compartments are sized perfectly to hold records.  21st century be damned!

Joel Platz and I conceptualized the design (which only he executed, I have no idea how someone can make something this excellent) after a series of photographs I took of his other work two summers ago.  Because we’re both in to bartering and probably most likely both astronomical cheapskates we agreed on a trade.  However, little birdy told me that the design and concept was super satisfying and he would definitely make more in the future.  If you’re interested in something like this or other pieces of simple, graphic and inspired furniture, just let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Oh my god, LOOK at the way the light and shadows play in the negative space!  Ok, I’m done…back to business:

So now I find myself with a half-assembled living room (computer, sound system and video game consoles are all on the couch) procrastinating like hell on a coffee table full of coupons.  Why am I such an old lady?  Oh!  Probably because I love old ladies.

I think this evening holds mostly wallowing in clutter, grabbing a slice from Ottos (or, who am I kidding, warming up some more pesto) and clipping a few coupons while Jason rigs up the electonics so I can watch a movie before bed.  Nice!

Little Eye Shopping Spree: Bezels!

I think I’m going through an identity crisis.  Truly, I knew that bottle caps wouldn’t be my end-all, be-all for the rest of my life.  Wouldn’t that be awful if it was!  At the turn of 2011 I found myself craving a new adventure and I have decided to take a step-up by honing my skills and investing a little more time, money and finesse making rustic, unique pieces that stem from my original vision.

First off:  don’t worry!!  Bottle cap pins and magnets are still in the wings and I’ll be churning those bad boys out forever.  And I’ll definitely keep on creating the necklaces and hair clips as those do very well for my customers.  But!  Stay tuned at my Etsy shop and at retail locations that sell Little Eye for some bronzy, brassy jewelry that I’m so, so excited about.

I went on a shopping spree yesterday and picked out some pendants, rings and earrings (earrings!!)  I can’t wait.  Bottle caps were a little prohibitive in the earring department as they’re super heavy and not all ears can handle the weight!  These findings are dainty but bold, light but substantial:


Click for bunnysundries shop on Etsy. Findings galore!

Right?  Right??  I also got something similar in post earrings that come a little smaller.  I’m so freaking excited.  Did I say that already?  The biggest challenge with these and the rings will be to find a method of pouring the epoxy so that the bezel itself is on an even surface.  Otherwise I am afraid I may ruin yet another coffee table.

There are also some filigree, antiqued pendants with enormous bezels that I’m really excited to try out – I am picturing black and white photographs and oval crops that harken to an older age of photography.  Oh!  Also this new line will only be my photographs, no found images – save that for the quirky bottle caps!  Check back for the results in a couple of weeks…or a few weeks.  Or a month.  Let’s just say be safe and check back a bunch because most likely I’ll have funny things to say in the meantime.

Honing the skillz, people, honing the skillz.

Wedding Planner #2: Mustard and Midnight

Holy mole-y!  Funny how when you’re being a good aunt, working a full time job, cooking dinner every night to be a good girl and not spend money on take out AND planning a craft fair (shh!) the blog seems to get pushed to the side.  Don’t worry, I’m here now.

And we’re gonna talk wedding colors again!

Wedding Guide #2: Mustard and Midnight

Today’s palette is bright and punchy (YELLOW!) while chic and sophisticated (BLACK!)  It’s a bumblebee wedding and you’re invited.

Lovely Yellow Bridesmaids Cake Toppers, $18.99 from onecozynest on Etsy.

Yellow is a genuinely innocent color.  It’s heartwarming, opens your eyes and has a vintage feel to it no matter what.  You try wearing something yellow and not feeling the slightest bit ’70s!  These cake toppers are super sweet, and although I can’t imagine putting the whole darn wedding party on the cake (unless you have a buche de noel or something) I would venture to say your WEDDING DRESS should be yellow and one of these pretty ladies should stand up there.  With hopefully a cake topper with a groom dressed like this:

Antique Victorian Tuxedo Jacket, $85 by getupvintage on Etsy.

Although your hubby’s arms should be about a half an inch longer to pull of this look, this antiquated tuxedo jacket paired with floppy bow tie is modest, lovable and reeks of the quality tailors used to put in men’s dress-up duds.  Who says everyone’s tux has to match?  Quality over quantity, I always say.

Gamboge Silk Skinny Tie, $18.95 from rabbitstop on Etsy.

But if bow ties aren’t your thing, you can coordinate the man with the rest of the scenery by pulling honey mustard in to his neckwear.  Skinny or traditional, a pop of color will resonate in wedding photos, especially when it’s designed to make Mrs. Wedding Day look totally coordinated and gorgeous.

You are My Sunshine Print, $15.00 from FarnumInkStudio on Etsy.

Let’s talk wedding presents.  If your friends are anything like mine, they’re getting hitched left and right with utter disregard for my bank account.  A piece of artwork meant to coordinate with their colors (just ASK, you know she won’t stop talking about the differences between every kind of yellow if you act even remotely curious!) framed with an inexpensive, but classy frame from Michael’s will remind them of their wedding day every time they pass it on the way to the loo.

Click on the image of the entire treasury above to see all the excellent treasures I could definitely write for hours about.  Also, each featured item’s image will bring you to its listing when clicked.  Happy planning, kiddos.

Wedding Planner #1: Molasses and Sea Foam

Wedding Guide #1: Molasses and Sea Foam by littleeyedesigns on Etsy.

Wedding Guide #1:  Molasses and Sea Foam.

Before we dive in here, let me just be clear on one thing:  Etsy will ruin your life. Treasury-making, to be specific.  I am constantly browsing, marking favorites, lurking to find that perfect inspiration.  I dream of treasuries at night.  I eat them for breakfast!  I have no time to wash my armpits.  This is terrible!

Or, perhaps the absolute most perfect thing for a latent art student who hasn’t had a chance to edit photographs together in four years.  (Sad!)  How you pay $30,000 for this very specialized skill, I’m trying to remember.  Point is, these just feel so right!


All my treasuries can be found at the ‘Shopping Guides‘ tab at the top of the page.

However, I’ve started a series of treasuries that I’m especially fond of:  curating items for weddings based on varying color schemes.  I’ll be featuring these as entries and going in to a little more detail about the products I selected.  Why?  Because:  a) weddings are the most awesome versions of theme parties, ever. and b) every little girl wants a tricked out wedding and if you don’t think so you’re just in denial.

That brings me to #1!  Molasses and Sea Foam.

It’s a totally ridiculous combination of textures and tastes, but the whole chocolate and sea salt thing is in right now so I’m feeling pretty good about it.  A wedding color scheme with teals, sea foam and turquoise grounded by earthy, brown chocolate is sophisticated, youthful and everything looks just absolutely edible.

Here are some highlights:


50s XXs/XS Tiered Cream Gown by flourclothing on Etsy.

This is your wedding dress.

Well, it doesn’t have to be.  And I would suggest unless you’re one of the two people I know who are under 5’2″ and weigh less than 110lbs. you probably shouldn’t attempt getting in this XXS dress for fear of explodin’ a beautiful piece of antique clothing.  The flounce on the tiered skirt layers starts at about bellybutton height and is childishly adorable – I think some wrist-length lace-finished ladies’ gloves are in order, here.


Vintage Mink Stole, $95, from detroitpicker on Etsy.

Pobody’s Nerfect.

If you have a major problem with fur (like I do) and a sense of humor (like I do) this one’s a noodle-scratcher.  My friend, Kate, has one of these and it is absolutely one of the most sickly fun things to play with.  Vintage fur is kind of like getting Grandma’s beautiful engagement ring that you KNOW is from a bad time and place in manufacturing history.  So if you’re totally grossed out — sorry, I completely understand.  But in the interest of aesthetics, this mink stole (handed down for at least 40 years now) would be an excellent accent in the getaway limo/car/boat when you and your brand new hubby are off to see the world on a whirlwind honeymoon.


Sea of Blue Vintage Collage Bracelet, $52 by lonkoosh on Etsy.

Holy found objects, Batman!

This is a really gorgeous collection of vintage jewelry finds all coming together to make one simply charming piece.  It’s dainty and feminine while chunky and bold.  This covers your something old AND blue.  Lucky!


Check back for the next Wedding Planner treasury, featuring… Mustard and Midnight!

Etsy Seller Spotlight: A Greene Bean

Hiya, hiya, everyone.  I hope you’re all enjoying the end of a long weekend.  Or, if you’re like me (and working), at least reflecting on the advances our culture has made in the last 50 years and also appreciative of how much farther we have yet to go.  With all that has been in the local news lately with our (in)famous governor and hate crimes overnight in Biddeford, it’s leaving Little Eye a little lackluster in the creativity department.

Good news, though.  One of the great parts about being a creative person is the dwelling, cogitating, thoughtful, inspiration-seeking side.  This involves a lot of looking at other peoples’ work, asking them about their work, wishing you could do what they do, etc.  So for today I’ll put production aside and revel in the goodness that other Maine artists are putting out in to the world.

The Mist of Morning Original Artwork, $95 by greeneleaf on Etsy.

Which leads me to my next though… Today I thought I would spotlight newcomers to the Etsy MaineTeam:  greeneleaf. Greeneleaf Painters is the collaborative effort of Jeremy Greene and Sabrina Thiemke-Greene.  At first, I responded to the skillfully rendered mixed-media paintings in the Etsy shop.  Then to learn that the work was the product of not one, but TWO people I was even more impressed.  All original artwork in their shop is very reasonably priced and is sold to raise funds for their inspiration, the dream of becoming parents.

Not only are the two of them talented painters, but Sabrina sews as well and has an adorable entry on their blog about her sewing crafts she has made in anticipation of her future Greenebean, I think they should definitely sell some of these on Etsy, too, they’d do great!

Old House Original Artwork, $85, by greeneleaf on Etsy.

Really a fantastic find on a Monday morning just lazing around the internet.  I trust you’ll love their paintings and their story, too, and you can read it here at their blog:  Making a Greene.


In other news, I did make a new blog today … probably because I am a child.  Seriously, the maturity level at LePage Look-a-Like’s is not very impressive, but his uncanny resemblance to lots of other people/places/things is!

Photography: Bringin’ it Back

Brighton Red Lights in Winter - 10 inch Framed Photograph

Happy snowy Wednesday to you all!  Yes, I am eating chocolate cream pie in bed.  Which usually leads my mind to wander.  Today it wandered to a place where I pondered the path I took to get where I am, creatively, today.

The road to arts (and crafts, still getting used to saying that without feeling a little self-conscious) started over a dozen years ago in a 6th grade classroom which by the grace of God had a darkroom in it.  With volunteers to help teach us to shoot.  Thank you, Yarmouth Public Schools.

And in brief, a high school curriculum laden with foundation arts in 2D and 3D, further darkroom experience/obsession and a whim of an application to the Massachusetts College of Art led me to 4 years of intense photographic study.

Pink Flower in Tree - Not Yet Listed

But when I was released something really surprising happened:  I had no desire to think about anything, develop concept, make artwork:  nothin’.  So I spent awhile in a very boring series of jobs (restaurant manager, furniture saleslady, and so on) before the urge started to bubble back up again.

I moved back to Maine in ’08, and all of a sudden wanted to shoot again!  Only after a couple years of cogitating and hemming and hawing about prices for various creations, a massive bottle cap diversion, and plenty of handmade afghans later I’m starting to list these bad boys on Etsy.

I Love You Outhouse - 10 inch Framed Photograph

Check back to my Etsy shop periodically for more listings.  Right now pink and red is all the rage because apparently we love each other so damn much.  But I’ll be putting little surprises in there every now and again, so don’t be a stranger!

ALSO.  I’ve got oodles of wedding photography experience. Over the next few days I’ll be adding a few shots from all the weddings I’ve manned with a camera and if you have any friends getting married in the Maine/New England area, send them my way!  I shoot alternately between medium format film (with a vintage camera) and digital.  Best of both worlds.  More to come on that…