Photography: Bringin’ it Back

Brighton Red Lights in Winter - 10 inch Framed Photograph

Happy snowy Wednesday to you all!  Yes, I am eating chocolate cream pie in bed.  Which usually leads my mind to wander.  Today it wandered to a place where I pondered the path I took to get where I am, creatively, today.

The road to arts (and crafts, still getting used to saying that without feeling a little self-conscious) started over a dozen years ago in a 6th grade classroom which by the grace of God had a darkroom in it.  With volunteers to help teach us to shoot.  Thank you, Yarmouth Public Schools.

And in brief, a high school curriculum laden with foundation arts in 2D and 3D, further darkroom experience/obsession and a whim of an application to the Massachusetts College of Art led me to 4 years of intense photographic study.

Pink Flower in Tree - Not Yet Listed

But when I was released something really surprising happened:  I had no desire to think about anything, develop concept, make artwork:  nothin’.  So I spent awhile in a very boring series of jobs (restaurant manager, furniture saleslady, and so on) before the urge started to bubble back up again.

I moved back to Maine in ’08, and all of a sudden wanted to shoot again!  Only after a couple years of cogitating and hemming and hawing about prices for various creations, a massive bottle cap diversion, and plenty of handmade afghans later I’m starting to list these bad boys on Etsy.

I Love You Outhouse - 10 inch Framed Photograph

Check back to my Etsy shop periodically for more listings.  Right now pink and red is all the rage because apparently we love each other so damn much.  But I’ll be putting little surprises in there every now and again, so don’t be a stranger!

ALSO.  I’ve got oodles of wedding photography experience. Over the next few days I’ll be adding a few shots from all the weddings I’ve manned with a camera and if you have any friends getting married in the Maine/New England area, send them my way!  I shoot alternately between medium format film (with a vintage camera) and digital.  Best of both worlds.  More to come on that…

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