Crafty for a Cause – Get Involved.

A few weeks ago a fellow Etsy Maine team member and past feature on my blog, Judy B., announced a call for entries for a silent auction to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).  When I heard about it I knew I had to donate work for several reasons:

1.  My newest, most favorite pair of earrings were a gift to me from my father hewn from the blood, sweat and tears of Judy.  Here are a pair just like them (you want them.):


Earrings Oxidized Silver Hoops $20 by Judy B. on Etsy

2.  The JDRF and I go way back. Well, to about 2005 when I volunteered to photograph a walk in Boston during my “I think I want to be a Photojournalist days.”  I didn’t become a photojournalist (thank goodness) but I had the opportunity to practice my social skills behind a camera and, for the first time ever, command a group of 100+ sitters for a group portrait.  Whoa!  Now, at weddings, telling (or sometimes yelling) 10 people where to stand is a piece of cake.

3.  The most obvious reason. Growing up my friend and next door neighbor had juvenile diabetes that started around 1st grade.  No one really talked much about it – I just knew that she had to get her finger pricked a lot and her Mom had to administer shots once or twice a day.  There have been so many advances in medicine we’ve made since then (late 80s).  Bloodless testing and more.  So it’s only natural to believe that anyone trying to make children’s lives more manageable if they are diagnosed is definitely someone who is deserving of a donation from me.


The silent auction will be held at the 10th Annual Granite Gala on Saturday, May 7th in New Hampshire.  Visit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Northern New England Branch site for more details as the date approaches:

You can also contact them by phone at (603)222-2300 for more information.


Here are some of the fine people who have already committed to donating for the auction in May:


Peapod Necklace $6.50 by allsey on Etsy

Allsey is a repurposer from Maine who puts good use to trinkets, beads and toys that she finds.  I love the peapod necklace above, I almost bought it for myself at the Biddeford Art Walk last month but instead got a necklace with a pair of glasses bead for my friend!



Poppy TTV Photograph $10 by ConstantGalore on Etsy

Constant Galore‘s Etsy shop features fiber arts, photography and some really excellent naughty candies that she probably won’t be donating to the walk.  🙂  I love this photograph of a poppy taken through the viewfinder of a Brownie camera with a digital camera.



Rotary Phone Acrylic Charm Earrings $12 by EastoftheSun on Etsy

East of the Sun is a multimedia extravaganza.  Zines, charms, pillows, prints and more.  I bought a set of 4 zines about animals from her for my niece to use as coloring books for the holidays.  Nice!



Converse All-Star Bottle Cap Barrettes $12 by littleeyedesigns (me!) on Etsy

Little Eye Designs:  That’s me!  I’ll be donating a combination of a framed photograph and bottle cap jewelry with the same photograph inside of it.  Because the auction will be in May I’ll probably use an image from the Farmer’s Markets in Portland that I’ve been taking throughout the years.  Pink flowers?  Radishes?!  Who knows!

Precious Blossom Pendant Necklace $24.99 by SweetSincerity on Etsy

Sweet Sincerity is one of my new internet friends.  I love her enthusiasm and her feminine designs.  Check out her blog at:


Do you know of any other organizations looking for donations from artists, crafters and people with other talents?  Leave a comment and share below!

Re-entry 2011, welcome back to Vacationland.

Well, we got back last night fresh from balmy Vermont nights (seriously, 40 degrees in December?!  Global warming is real, people!) with only three extra boxes in tow.  Which is really impressive considering I went to Vermont with ONE box full of presents so we should have returned with less.  But not me, no, not possible.

Let me explain!  The three boxes are full of genealogical manna, unleavened bread of a photophile’s wet dream from the sky.  Or from Grammie’s crawlspace.  FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHS.

And we’re not talking “Trip to Asia 1998” or “The Hotchkisses Visit Disneyland 1989” (which we didn’t, p.s.) but rather a veritable treasure trove of honest-to-god silver-on-paper prints from the 1920s and 30s, a small selection from the 40s, and a resurgence in the 50s + 60s when my father and his four sisters were children.

So while I spend the next however-long-it-takes of my life addressing these wonderful items (Grammie wants them back in April when she visits) I’ll be featuring particularly fantastic ones on my blog for your viewing pleasure.


Naturally, I am participating in the American tradition of declaring resolutions and then quickly forgetting them and doing exactly the opposite.  In no particular order:

GETRIDOFJUNK,i.e. things that are really junk, not the super-cool version of junk that must be saved, photographed and put on a special shelf in the kitchen.  GETITTOGETHER,i.e. why is the notion of putting clothes in the hamper or cleaning up cat fur tumbleweeds completely lost on me?  I suspect getting rid of junk will make getting it together a lot easier.  PHOTOGRAPHIES!  Do more.  do more art.  Start drawing, too, because it’s really fun and usually way more interesting that a photograph (oh my God it hurts to say that, but is usually true, if it’s a good drawing).  COOKNEWTHINGS!, why oh why are we stuck in a delicious brown rice and quinoa rut?  And everything we eat has sweet potato in it.  Please note:  brown rice, quinoa and sweet potato will still be regularly featured but it’s time to learn some new tricks.  SHAREMORE.  Give people gifts that they don’t expect, send photographs I think people might like to them without being asked (i.e. family pictures).  Just more surprises and nice things, in general.

Lastly, I’ve been suffering from a gradually expanding waistline.  I say suffering because today at work I had to unbutton the top button of my jeans…and this particular pair happens to have a hole (small, but a hole nonetheless) in the crotch.  Seriously, Audrey, get it together (#2).  And I’m pretty sure the hole was caused by a stress fracture in the pants’ integrity due to the girth of my thighs, vying for second place in the ‘parts of my body I am pretty sure were smaller last August’ competition.  As a consolation, I’ve found Allie Munier’s Being Bess Marvin. blog and find comfort in some familiar impulses/emotions/reactions to cheez-related foods.

I’m confused, though – I eat well (not like, ‘a lot’ well, but ‘healthy’ well), exercise regularly, dance even more frequently and have a pretty physical job.  So why does it feel like I’m packing bean bags in my pant-line?  I don’t know, but what I do know is I love bubble dresses and baby dolls, stretch pants and leggings here I come.

Art stuff on its way as soon as I can organize vacation pics and start talking to some other artists for future features!