Fictitious Lawsuits

Over craftbreakfast this morning we got to fantasizing about what it would be like if inanimate objects could sue each other.  This is what happens when you put lawyers, artists, and a combination of both in the same room together for a morning!

Conceptualizing t-shirts outlining lawsuits as such:

-Circle vs. Oval 1972.  Circle contends oval has infringed on circle’s copyright of being round.

-1837  Beavis vs. Mousey (lawsuit to be determined, not sure what Beavis would have against a mouse toy but it was the first thing Kristina saw when she was coming up with the two parties).

-and so on.


I’ll need to get Kristina to give me a template of how those synopses look in law books.  I think we’ll have a pretty good niche market in the overworked, deliriously tired law school students.  Yesss!!

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