Crappy Waste of Government Time Strikes Again!


Dept. of Labor Mural by Judy Taylor

Lots and lots and lots of attention about this bit of art news/censorship in Maine with our governor, Paul LePage (the home decorator gone mad!) at the helm (of course.)  Well!  The mural came down, secretly, this weekend and is being stored, secretly, at present.  The LePage staff says they are “protecting it” right now which is laughable because art doesn’t need to be protected.  It seems, they thought, the people needed to be protected from the art.

I am glad the Portland City Council is having second thoughts about receiving the ‘gift’ which is actually like someone giving you a jacked-up fruitcake because they didn’t want it.  Except that this particular piece of artwork isn’t jacked-up fruitcake, like the gubernator would have you believe.  It’s actually pretty good, and it’s actually pretty nice to have 40-hour work weeks and 2-day weekends and OSHA standards and not worry about losing most of my fingers in a sardine factory.

Just sayin’.



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