From the Archives: Moody Art Student


Would that I could show you the rest of this picture without breaking some questionable content rules that WordPress most likely has.  This, a self-portrait, was taken in the Brighton apartment right off of Commonwealth Ave.  I’m glad of it and the reason are threefold:

1)  Being a photographer, I rarely have good pictures taken of me.  This is unfortunate, because I love looking good and having it frozen forever in time.  Even here, I had to do it myself.  Somehow I always end up dating musicians and not photographers…

2)  Look at my sassy attitude.  That was a good time for me because it was about three months after a break up so the bad parts were over and the good parts (being a sassy lassie) were starting.

3)  The part of this picture you can’t see is smokin’ and should be printed and posted somewhere around, on or near my running sneakers.  Seriously, what happened to my body in the last four years??  Buffalo chicken happened.

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