Half-Off Hi Bombay!

Tandoori Spice Kit, $14, from cookoutsidethebox on Etsy

Thank goodness, because it’s been a whole 4 days since I last had their samosas, garlic naan, malai kofta, uhhh, basically everything.  If you’d like to save 50% off the best Indian food in Portland (divisive, I know!  It’s my opinion, people, relax) then click here and go get you some tandoori deliciums.

Hi, Bombay! is awesome if you live in Portland, like good food, are a little lazy sometimes, or live outside of Portland (Portsmouth?  Bangor?  Bar Harbor?) but want to save some money on vacation eats next time you’re in the Forest City.

Additionally, break the ice on a first date by sitting underneath their flat screen TV that is constantly looping Bollywood vignettes with outlandish storylines.  Great atmosphere, greater food, and a mindblowingly good deal.  Yeah!!  I don’t know which I love more, Hi, Bombay! for always having coupon offers or The Portland Daily Sun for offering it up this time.  Good teamwork, guys!


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