So… tired…

Something’s up this week.  I had a great burst of energy, some new exciting opportunities and payments, and then boom.  Ton of bricks.  I have been so freaking sleepy for the last week!

I suppose it started two weeks ago, when I started a pretty impressive streak of sleeping in past my alarm 5 days in a row, Monday through Friday, even showing up late LATE to work on Friday (which is fine, because I work an hour earlier than everyone anyways… no big deal).

I think it was when the 5-day-streak ran over in to this week I started to notice it.  Now accompanied with vivid morning dreams starring close friends doing very reasonable, non-dreamlike things, oh goody, goody.

The morning would go like this:

1.  Buzzer!  2.  Snooze.  3.  Transcendental plane of awareness where reality and dreams become one.  4.  Enter:  vivid dream, part 1.  5.  Buzzer, again!  6.  Snooze, again.  (It should be noted I have no recollection of either snoozings) 7.  Vivid dream, part 2, featuring close friends, celebrities, and my childhood home.  8.  Buzzer, snooze.  9.  Dream drags on, gets boring, 10.  Naturally awake about 30-60 minutes too late 11.  Bust out of bed and run through the house collecting clothes, money, necessary items 12.  Throw food at/on/around cat dishes or cats themselves 13. sail down the stairs, 14. jump in car, judge whether I have time enough to stop for a coffee, 15.  All of a sudden remember weird dream and break down laughing/in tears/speechlessness, etc.

And if that wasn’t good enough, just two or three days ago I’ve started some extended post-work naps that leave me cranky and hungry, having slept through dinner time.

Then, today at work in a particularly exhausted moment I contemplated a ‘cat nap’ on the toilet in the tiny stall in the bathroom so I could rest my eyes ‘just for a minute.’  Thank goodness that horrible thought process was interrupted by another lady coming in the bathroom, jolting me out of my narcoleptic fantasy, and prompting me to zip up and get the hell out of there.  Because, knowing me, even if I did manage to take a snoozer on the john at work I’d probably end up tossing and turning and fall head first against the linoleum with my pants around my ankles (still sleeping).

The funny thing is, I haven’t been doing anything different.  No more or less exercise, no more or less shitty or really good food, no more or less alcohol, no more or less evening obligations.

I’ve resolved that I’m probably internally exhausted, leftover residue from months and months of plugging away at independent business, wholesale orders, product development, etc. etc.  Gotta fill up the cup, as they say, so tomorrow I’ll be doing a little of that via relaxation/meditation/energy techniques at a class my dad’s teaching.  I’ll do a little more of it on Sunday by rewarding myself with not making any plans and just doing what feels right at the time.  It could be going to the beach, going on a hike, cleaning the bathroom, planting my succulents, making meatballs — whatever.  Different things feel good at different times.  But right now… 8pm on a Friday night… a little snoozer sounds pretty good!

2 thoughts on “So… tired…

  1. Enjoy your day of relaxation. And you’re so right. Different things DO feel good at different times. So whether it’s planting your succulents or making your meatballs (those are my favorite examples!), enjoy!

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