All The Things You’ve Never Done

That’s Joan, and that video is of one of your favorite Material Objects ladies jumping out of a plane and hurtling to the Earth.  Although I personally have no desire to ever do this (active imagination, unfailing ‘bad luck’ in high places, poor bladder control, general distrust of jumpsuits…) the wheels got to turnin’ about all the things I’ve never done.

It’s probably more constructive to talk about the things I HAVE done, seeing as the possibilities of things to do on the turning ball are ‘endless,’ or, at least multitudinous.  Our country, and now more than ever our world, places a pretty huge emphasis on ‘things.’   Gotta have ‘things.’  I’m not innocent of this either — one look at our attic and the ratio of piles of crap to actual, usable goods is unsettlingly high.  Whenever I go to ‘get rid of some things’ it ends up being this distracting process of box-and-bag filling without actually getting anywhere.  Sometimes I think picking out the things I WANT and then donating/selling/gifting the rest would be the better, more minimalist approach.  It’d be downright cathartic.

Back to Joan and the airplane and the skydiving.  So — all things things I’ve never done, that I would want to:

1.  Pick up and GO.  Hmm, probably would not actually ever happen for any longer than two weeks, tops.  I like work and I normally use my vacation days on making normal, boring 2-day weekends in to fantastic, ethereal 3-day weekends.  But a vacation with a tank full of gas or a wallet full of $$ for plane/train/bus tickets and no real agenda would be amazing.

2.  Play in a loud band.  One thing I’m really excited about is that I learn things quickly.  It takes about 10-12 ‘tries’ at something then I can be really, really good at it.  No hubris here, just observation over the years has led me to understand I can learn scripts, musical instruments, songs, puzzles, physical feats, etc. pretty easily.  Everything is practice.  Mental note to self to remember that.  So yeah, I’ve only ever been kind of a quiet girl with a nylon string guitar but I just bought this drum set and I’ve got guitars up the wazoo.  One day, this will happen.  I need more time, then it will happen.

3.  Go to France.  How is it that I made it all the way to China at age 15 but can’t manage to order a passport and fly to France since then?  Loser.  Soon, soon, maybe when I get rid of (sell) all my crap I can afford those things!

4.  Be a Mama.  Not too soon, now, but one day – seems like something I’d be really good at … although it’ll probably take more than 10-12 tries.  Not 10-12 kids, 10-12 tries at discipline, lesson-teaching, story reading, patience having, etc. etc.

I’m drawing a blank now on all the things I’d like to do.  Which is good, I guess, because it means that I’m pretty satisfied where I’m at.  It also means the things we like or want to do change from when we’re 7, 17, 27 or beyond.  And all those events and experience that make up your world view help inform your understanding of other people from all walks of life.

In my ‘entry level position’ years (which I’m not past, by the way, just because I’m working in my field) I firmly believed that one must make a stab at every menial job there is.  I was a cashier at a grocery store, an ice cream girl, a movie theater concessions girl, theater cleaner, waitress, host, bartender, restaurant manager… hell, I even did piece work.  So now when I go about the world I know how to treat everyone, because I’ve been where a lot of them are or have been themselves.  Nothing gets me more riled than seeing a diner disrespect a waitress: NOTHING.

This was a little rambly.  You’ll have to excuse me, my sinuses are backed up to Augusta and it’s about an hour past a sick girl’s bedtime.  Hope you like the video of Joan falling safely back to Earth and getting to check one last thing off her list!

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