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Oh, dear.  Do you ever hit a brick wall?

This week’s impenetrable fortification is brought to you by:  clutter.  We’ve been busy as bees filling, drilling and packaging up bottle caps for wholesale orders.  It’s pretty neat!  What’s not as neat?  The apartment.  It’s cool that I can pretend like bottle caps is why everything is everywhere, but the truth is that I have too. much. stuff.  You crafters can relate, you see something at a yard sale, at Goodwill, at the craft store, at the yarn shop and think it’s a good idea to pick it up while it’s a good price, on sale, or just for the heck of it.  Newsflash:  IT’S A BAD IDEA.  The only time it’s a good idea is if you’re a) not working on anything else at the moment and b) it stands a more than 75% chance of making you money.

So while there’s focus (bottle caps, epoxy resin, mod podge, dremel tools, wheee!) there’s a lot of distractions, too.  I’m looking at you, piles of wool roving (intended to learn to needle felt), Yudu machine (project to come!), sewing machine, paper bags full of clothing scraps, photo albums, picture frames, etc. etc. etc.  Keep your eyes and ears turned towards my Etsy page in the coming weeks for my liquidation process.  I will also post any non-Etsy type things, here, a la virtual yard sale — all reasonable offers will be accepted, despite the fact that I’ll finally have to come to terms with the fact that I will never, ever, ever make wood carvings.  Boo.

More to come…

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