Summer Knitting

mustard yellow socks!

It’s no secret:  my ambition this year is to handknit pairs of socks for all holiday time-y needs.  Which is convenient, because you certainly don’t want to be knitting sweaters ahead of deadline in the dog days of Summer.  It’s not been so bad, lately, and today has a certain (dare I say) Autumn feel to the breeze… but I was able to bring this project to the beach with me on Saturday, roast in the warm sun like a happy little lizard, splash about, dry off then continue to knit and purl.  Socks, mittens and hats may be out of season in August but they are decidedly the perfect project.

I’m halfway through knitting these ‘basic socks’ (ribbed ankle, knit foot, top down) but for a completed pair I made earlier this year, check this out:

contortionist crafter

Ta-da!  I am finally ‘intermediate.’  Which is exciting, because that’s one more step to ‘advanced‘ and I don’t think I’ve ever been able to do anything advanced before, at least not by pattern and how-to book criteria…

8 thoughts on “Summer Knitting

    • Thanks! Finished sock #1 tonight… then once #2 is done I’m going to photograph them! Hoping to list ‘made to order’ socks in the shop at the beginning of October… just in time! 🙂

    • I KNOW. It’s the best color in the condiment rainbow. I’m trying to think how I can top these after I’m done with them… I think the only way is to knit a sock in another color then ADD mustard yellow for some flavah. Finished one last night and it is so warm! The other foot was jealous, though, so I had to put the bootie back in the knitting bag…

    • Thanks, Shannon! I’m like you – despite all the other things I *should* be doing if I fixate on a project: I have to do it. I’m trying to develop a onesie line before the holidays… but now I’ve got this ‘handmade socks’ bee in my bonnet (which is more fun, but not as profitable!) You should definitely try them – up until this point all I’ve ever knitted are scarves and hats. It was a little rocky at first but after re-reading some patterns and searching some YouTube ‘How To’ videos I think I’m all set! 🙂

    • Ahh, well, since you asked nicely maybe I will! Just picked up some pumpkin orange wool today. I seem to have a problem… now once the yellow socks are finished I have to start an orange pair! At least they’ll be ready in time for fall colors. 🙂

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