Photograph 10/08/2011

Casco Bay Shores

Spent the morning working at sunrise, doing a portrait session at Spring Point, near SMCC, in South Portland.  I should have stopped at 158 for a bagel.  But I had bought breakfast last night (a Clif bar) for $.99 and am being consciously frugal this week.  Saving for a house is expensive.  Watching the sun rise on a peninsula is the best.  I wish ‘work’ could be like this more often.  I put those quotation marks there because meeting new people, using my eyes and making pretty pictures doesn’t feel at all like work.

What does feel like work?  Today, I will be fastening little bits of cardboard to about 600 bottle caps so that I can make a shipment early next week.  Once I’ve sealed all the bottle caps then I will hunch over a table for an hour filling the bottle caps with epoxy.  But it’s alright, because I can do it in my pajamas!  It’s going to be beautiful out — I hope to carve out at least four hours for outside time.

Happy long weekend, even if Monday is the weirdest. holiday. ever.

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