Another Christmas Wish: L.L. Bean Edition

Ooh, shearling strap liner!

Ha-ha!  Last year I spent the month of December talking about ways you can give (without necessarily spending money).  Hmm!  Full 180 this year, I’m just gonna talk about the things I want, want, WANT.  One of these things, above, is the beautiful and rugged Continental Rucksack from L.L. Bean.  It’s made with waxed canvas and what looks/feels like buffalo leather.  The canvas is really crunchy and the leather is really soft.  It’s got shearling-lined straps, for God’s sake!

While I’m climbing up mountains with my beautiful new backpack I should probably shield myself from the weather with this clearance-priced Black Point Parka from L.L. Bean Signature – what can I say?  I’m a product of my environment.  I think I’ll need a size 8… wink wink.

Those sleeves are totally removable!


2 thoughts on “Another Christmas Wish: L.L. Bean Edition

  1. that backpack is beautiful but after I thought about it for a minute, impractical because of the buckles – at least for me, when I’m hiking i’m always swinging my bag around and grabbing something out of a pocket.. maybe thats just me though!
    the jacket on the other hand, just what I could use… sigh

    • Ahh yes, pesky buckles! The only thing I’m ever grabbing for is water + chap stick, esp. at high altitudes. If I could devise some kind of chap stick necklace and get a camelbak-type insert with a hose coming out of the bag I think it’d do the trick! Totally worth retrofitting it since it looks so gorgeous. 🙂

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