Oh, Ick: MLK, Jr. + I think I’m gonna be sick:

I opened my email inbox this morning to find an email from the Gap, advertising this sale:

Not O.K.

“Sound the trumpets!  We’re going to celebrate one of the most forefront leaders of the civil rights movement by slashing prices on baby graphic T’s!!”  Yes — absolutely — because what better way to celebrate a man who helped organize the nation to change.

Oh sure, — the man who sacrificed his own safety and eventually his life for the preservation of the safety and the lives of millions of others.

Yep — one of the finest speech writers underlined by his famous “I Have a Dream” speech at the 1963 March on Washington.  Gap has a dream, too, and it’s 1st quarter earnings so who cares if our sale undermines the integrity of American history and heroes?

Boo.  Today’s gonna be a long one.

"..I've been to the mountain top.." (and rest assured, The Gap isn't there selling denim half off)


2 thoughts on “Oh, Ick: MLK, Jr. + I think I’m gonna be sick:

  1. hahahaha. Audrey, you’re post is both hilarious and poignant-it highlights capitalism at it’s lamest and most transparent point! I like a sale as much as the next girl, but COME ON!!!! weak.

    • Oh, it gets lamer! But not much more transparent than that. I’m sure lots of other places are having sales, a long-weekend tradition, but seriously,… yikes.

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