Did you seriously just?

It’s altogether totally inappropriate for a proper cat to do the following:

-watch you draw a warm, relaxing bath at twilight

-continue watching as you get in, and say ‘ahhh…’

-continue watching as you reflect on the crummy day that’s almost over

-continue watching as you finally relax

-jump in the litter box, make a stinky poo, and leave the room quietly and quickly

true story.

3 thoughts on “Did you seriously just?

  1. Audrey, I’m sorry, but I am tiredly giggling uncontrollably. Thank you for sharing. You have no idea how much I appreciate your story. Your EMT Team mate, Beth Doan

    • I would have been giggling, too, if it wasn’t my relaxing bath featured in the story! That cat is the worst sometimes, but then when he snuggles and chirps (Maine coon cat, doesn’t really know how to purr) it’s kind of tolerable when he’s a complete doofus.

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