Morning Cup, Revisited

magic beans from cbd (photo by Audrey)

My morning routine for the last two years has taken me off of the peninsula – the downtown amenities like local coffee shops, funky thrift stores on a lunch break, all possible banks within a 1/2 mile walk have been replaced with Dunkin’ Donuts, the mall, and a 10 minute drive to Wal-Mart if I even want a chance of doing any banking on my 45-minute lunch break.  Yipes!  Sorry to say, I’ve grown a little lazy and forgot that better things could exist – I drink whatever dregs off coffee are available at the Mobil Station, stuff maple-glazed donuts from DD in my foodhole while racing down Rt. 22 to work and am not as disturbed by the general 1984-ness of Wal-Mart as I have been in the past.

This morning I stopped in at Coffee By Design on Washington Ave. (across from Silly’s) because I had 5 extra minutes before leaving for work.  It’s literally right up the street from our house.  I was in and out in three minutes, knew the first name of the person behind the counter who was helping me, and the coffee was wicked good.

That’s a serious understatement, because it was so good I thought I should write a whole post about it.  It was so good that it made me remember why I drink my coffee black, even though lately I’ve been eyeing the crusty creamer jug at Starbucks and pondering the risk of asking the DD cashiers for ‘1 sugar’ and getting the equivalent of 1 heaping cupful.

Look out, alarm clock, I’m setting you for 5 minutes earlier and I’m going to learn to work this in to my day.

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