Saving for a Home Can Make You Do Crazy Things

I’ll miss you, mustard tiger!

It’s no secret that J. and I are kinda tired of paying rent every month, even though our landlord is a pretty cool guy.  We’re cool, too, and flushing money down the hole every month without building equity is too much.  So last September we started a savings account, and planned on a certain contribution every week which would put us at our down payment goal at the end of three years.  It hasn’t even been one and I’m obviously impatient… so I’m starting to sell awesome things that I love, because I would love it even better if we had a basement and a little yard and no one living below us, even though our neighbors are pretty cool, too.

So up on the Etsy went my favorite mustard yellow bowling bag, circa late 60s early 70s, Escort brand.  I tried to price it fairly, also noting that there was a certain dollar amount I’d have to get in order not to feel sadness (fleeting) shipping it up to go to some other home.  There’s that word again!  Reminding me that even though it’s goin’ to someone else’s it’s contributing to the one I’ll have one day and that’s a-okay.

We still have two years and a couple months to learn, save, plan and worry but it’s not a bad start learning to make some sacrifices in order to reach the real goal!  You can click on the big, pretty picture or here to view the listing in all its humble glory.

Many uses, … AND it looks like a smiling face!

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