Two Weeks in Pictures: 5/16/12

bean boot shaped pick up truck, preferred vehicle of Mainers

Phew phew phew.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks, as illustrated by my lack of sharing ‘a week in pictures’ for two weeks.  Here’s a short update.  #1, working for an icon of Maine certainly has its upsides (as shown above).  You’ll maybe remember these awesome duck boots that I listed in my Etsy shop a few days ago.  Is there anything more comfortable than slipping in to (or climbing behind the wheel of) a Maine hunting shoe?  I don’t think so.

goofiness runs in the family

I’ve rather withdrawn from the world, lately, and am working pretty hard to get back in to it.  It’s especially easy to recharge when I’m hanging out with the littlest goofball, aka my niece, aka such a funny, independent, defiant little three year old.  She’s finally decided to call me by ‘my name’ which is “Chuvvy” (pronounced CH-uh-VEE) which is damn close enough to Audrey but way funnier.  Dad was laughing randomly last weekend and when I stopped him he said it was because he realized I was “Ant Chuvvy” or anchovy, which suits me just fine.  The whole family is one goofy laugh away from the madhouse.

present for moominmother

Of course I was up there, visiting, to deliver this present above which I, of course, forgot on the side table by the door when I left.  Mom is still waiting for her Mother’s Day present but a sneak peek never hurt anyone.  I picked it up at The Big Thaw which was quite fun, despite it being upstaged by a freaking gorgeous day in Southern Maine.

Bath Salts T-Shirts

We worked hard over an infuriatingly simple Yudu machine to make these pretty wonderful Bath Salts t-shirts.  I have them for sale in my Etsy shop for $10.00 if you want one, or if you’d like to hear our music you can visit our Bandcamp page.  We played a show on Saturday night with The Outfits and Nuclear Boots at Bayside Bowl.  It was pretty fun, despite not being able to hear anything I was playing probably due to inexperience because I could have just asked to have my level turned up.  There’s also the surreal feeling post-show that fills you with doubt about your creative adventures, even if friends and non-friends are approaching you and saying ‘wow, awesome!’  Sun was much needed on Sunday (as shown in the previous entry) to repair from a crazy Saturday full of craft fairs and on-stage exhibition.

J. Crew Dress, beautiful white seersucker

I also when ‘thrifting’ on Sunday and got very thrifty, indeed, when I found this J.Crew sun dress with its original tags.  It’s on sale in my Ebay store now, and the bidding is at $6.50 currently.  There’s nothing more rejuvenating than finding a good deal and passing it on to those who it might fit a little better (certain parts of me refuse to fit in to a 6 anymore.  Pshaw.)  It’s white seersucker, which let me just say, it’s probably my favorite fabric as of late.  The lining is 100% cotton, too, and the whole thing is a flowy, airy piece that I wish I could squish my gazongas in to but oh well, right?  Better not force a good thing.

Truncated, brief two weeks in pictures – but better than nothing.  Yeah!

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