Wedding Snapshots

After months and months of contemplation, and future plans for an actually, really real wedding photography website, I’ve updated my wedding photography portfolio.  I’m strictly against flash movies, vomit-inducing midi files and hard-to-navigate web galleries so the portfolio is a scroll-down what-you-see-is-probably-what-you’ll-get type portfolio.  I’d love it if you had the chance to scroll through, and of course comments are always, always appreciated.

Potential clients can rely on a few things:  I’m goofy, but I’ll keep it under control on your special day.  I’ve been told about once per wedding by a family member or client that I’m super discreet (“I barely noticed you during the reception!”)  I’m a sucker for details, and you’ll probably have just as many pictures of your centerpieces and floral arrangements as you Aunt Trudy.  I shoot in film and, ta-da, as of December 2010, with a digital Nikon camera, too.  I can offer as little as a couple hours of service or as much as an entire weekend, and I’m also keen on striking deals with other talented people if they have goods or services they can offer in return for my wedding photography time.

If’n you have any questions about getting Little Eye for when you get hitched, you can contact me by commenting on the blog or emailing littleeyedesigns {at} gmail {dot} com.


this would be awesome

Shark Attack Mug from, Click to view more details

I see myself kindly offering a cup of coffee to a guest, and them being horrified at finding a Jaws lurking in the depths of their cup!  $16 isn’t much to part with when it’s for such a good cause:  laughing at friends.

Camera Trick for the Absent-Minded

Digital Photography School’s “How to Get Your Camera Back When You Lose It”

If you’re walking around with a 10MP DSLR, I do hope you’ll be careful not to absent-mindedly leave it on a side table somewhere and then completely forget about it until five hours later, adrenalin pumping and panic setting in you realize you may have just lost $2,000 worth of asset-building equipment.  Still!  We see here an example of why digital cameras (I’ll reluctantly admit) might be a little better than film ones.

What am I saying, that’s sacrilege.  But this article is handy, sweet, and a little bit funny.  Click on the picture or this link to enjoy!