Little Eye Presents… Onesies!!

Awwwww…. New and coming soon to our Etsy shop:  little baby onesies!  Oh, the cuteness is killing us.  This design of a harbor seal was hand drawn by me (Audrey) and screen printed in our kitchen.  These onesies will be available at our booth at Picnic this weekend (Saturday!  Lincoln Park!) for $10 (special Picnic debut price).  We’ve also got a pretty substantial ‘discount bin’ that we’ll be toting along.  Without kids, it’s hard to know what to do with the mess-ups except sell them for $2 a pop!  Learning to screen print is hard… but the adorable factor is totally worth it.

Hope to see you this weekend!


It’s a Picnic!

Picnic is almost here!  For those of you who know, you know this is one of the most fun arts, crafts and music festivals that Portland has to offer.  For those of you who DON’T know, then you better find out!  Saturday, August 25th brings sunshine (I hope), arts, crafts, and loud noises to Lincoln Park in Portland, ME.  Lincoln Park is right by the courthouse, on the corner of Franklin Arterial and Congress Street.

Once again, Little Eye will join Kate Sullivan-Jones at a fun-filled booth of buttons, bottle caps, metalwork, vintage goodies, screen printed kid’s clothes and canvas totes.  And I’m sure whatever else we can cram in to our luggage as we pack for Picnic!

We know you’ll be there to enjoy the yummy snacks, get some books signed and listen to some music.  Stop by and say “Hi!”

Hopefully I’ll have some pictures of our new products that will be debuting this weekend… we’re busy, busy in the workshop so no promises!!

Mayo Street Arts Seeks Fall ’12 Interns

There’s been a lot going on around here lately.  Namely, turning our 2-bedroom apartment in to a bottle cap factory, making major life changes (ehh, not for the internet!  You’ll just have to keep guessing), and woop! woop! I’m now officially the Events Coordinator at Mayo Street Arts.  If you’ve followed me at all you know I talk about this place way too much.  It’s close to my house, they like me a lot (and I like them), and there is a HUGE variety of events that happen there from contradances, rock shows, puppet theatre, children’s workshops, artist studios, on and on and on.

In any case, Mayo Street is looking for interns from Sept 1st through December 20th of this year – perfect for the fall semester of any college-going people who want to gain experience in arts and event coordinating.  Every day is different at MSA and activities include, but are not limited to, flyering, painting multi-person parade dragons (see above), design work, sewing, painting, repairs, event coordinating, board meetings, community outreach AND MORE.  Of course, you’re doing it all for free but most colleges have internship credits that need to be filled, and some even have paid internship programs to help students make money while learning valuable skills in their field.

Aspiring musicians, artists, community leaders, and public relations people are wanted!  Big time!  Oh, and of course people who might just be interested in helping out a great organization in a great neighborhood who want to volunteer to help us in an exciting time of growth.

If you’re interested in this for yourself or someone you know, email:  director [at] mayostreetarts [dot] org

All Lined Up

“Medicine Bottles” ©2012 Audrey Hotchkiss, Little Eye Designs.

Where have I been, where have I been.  The last post on the Little Eye blog was tellingly dated June 29th which was the last day I think I had time to breathe, reflect, etc.  Here’s what’s up:

Little Eye is all lined up with work for the next two months.  Can you believe it?  Sometimes I’ll stare at the vast collection of bottle caps, in various stages of completion, and think about how originally the whole thing was an experiment as a result of too much drinking.  But now, now we’ve got a wholesaler on the west coast whose customers love our product, a bottle cap wine charm set of 6.  We are still making photo caps with my original photography as well as found images from vintage text books, magazine, airplane escape manuals.  Last year, we bought a screen printing set up and are planning on getting it cranking before Picnic, Portland’s big biannual craft fair so we can have some onesies ready to sell.  Designs coming soon… hint:  harbor seal, airstream trailer.  I want to draw a shark in time for the fair!  We’ll see how time allows.

So in addition to a big ol’ wholesale order we’re trucking away on, we’ve also got plenty of stock to build to maintain our presence at The Merchant Company on Congress St. in Portland, a new shop up north in Bangor (more to come soon!) as well as our Etsy shop.

In addition to all this, I’m trying to shoot more because I tend to forget that if I put my mind to it I can actually take really good photographs.  Heh.  The picture above was taken about a year and a half ago, the last official time I planned out ‘a shoot’ and didn’t just wing it by bringing my camera and a strobe on some kind of family outing in hopes of capturing a good picture of the niece.

This little part of the internet has been sorely lacking, and posts will be coming more frequently for all you voyeurs out there!