All Lined Up

“Medicine Bottles” ©2012 Audrey Hotchkiss, Little Eye Designs.

Where have I been, where have I been.  The last post on the Little Eye blog was tellingly dated June 29th which was the last day I think I had time to breathe, reflect, etc.  Here’s what’s up:

Little Eye is all lined up with work for the next two months.  Can you believe it?  Sometimes I’ll stare at the vast collection of bottle caps, in various stages of completion, and think about how originally the whole thing was an experiment as a result of too much drinking.  But now, now we’ve got a wholesaler on the west coast whose customers love our product, a bottle cap wine charm set of 6.  We are still making photo caps with my original photography as well as found images from vintage text books, magazine, airplane escape manuals.  Last year, we bought a screen printing set up and are planning on getting it cranking before Picnic, Portland’s big biannual craft fair so we can have some onesies ready to sell.  Designs coming soon… hint:  harbor seal, airstream trailer.  I want to draw a shark in time for the fair!  We’ll see how time allows.

So in addition to a big ol’ wholesale order we’re trucking away on, we’ve also got plenty of stock to build to maintain our presence at The Merchant Company on Congress St. in Portland, a new shop up north in Bangor (more to come soon!) as well as our Etsy shop.

In addition to all this, I’m trying to shoot more because I tend to forget that if I put my mind to it I can actually take really good photographs.  Heh.  The picture above was taken about a year and a half ago, the last official time I planned out ‘a shoot’ and didn’t just wing it by bringing my camera and a strobe on some kind of family outing in hopes of capturing a good picture of the niece.

This little part of the internet has been sorely lacking, and posts will be coming more frequently for all you voyeurs out there!

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