Music to Your Ears

found image clef earrings by little eye.

Just listed in my Etsy shop, a pair of treble and bass clef earrings made with found images from a Jimmy Buffett songbook, of all places!  The little cut out sheet music bits are set in 14mm antiqued brass bezel post earrings.  These are a great seller at the craft fairs, so I’m hoping the internuts like ’em, too.

I’m also kinda happy with the fabric in the background – I can’t tell if the flowers are too distracting yet but they seem just fine for now.  What do you think?

Speaking of music, time for me to go practice guitar — our band has a show in like a week and I’m super rusty!

2 thoughts on “Music to Your Ears

  1. I love the background! Not distracting at all. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog… I enjoyed reading your thoughtful comment! And congratulations on to you and your new hubby on your wedding! (And so glad you’re cousin is okay!) I look forward to perusing your blog. 🙂

    • Thank you, Pamela! Yes, quite a scary event but in the end everything all worked out. He was so hungry after the emergency room that it was perfect when he showed up to take care of what would have been leftovers! Glad you visited, come back any time! 🙂

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