merry xmas

from little eye (aka audrey)

from little eye (aka audrey)

Happy tidings to all you out there in cyberspace.  Our very fake, little bright green tinsel Christmas tree is bring very real warmth to our home and every day more presents are appearing beneath it waiting to be delivered to their new homes.  Little gifts, meant only to show we were thinking of you, but yes, with the prudence of a healing economy and, of course, two people who are saving, wishing and dreaming of a house one day (soon?)  Still, the little pile of wrapped sentiments, tied with wool remnants and little, handmade tags makes me feel happy and abundant.

The niece and I made sugar cookies last night while Ya-Ya fried up some wontons and rice for family dinner.  Little one is talking up a storm, and now we are all dreaming of days past when she was much quieter, and much less demanding.  🙂  It turns out, now that she’s a fluent English speaker, that she’s even more assertive than any of us thought.  We continue to be a family of strong women (and strong men, too).

There is a short, snowy road trip in our future – heading west (to Vermont) for the New Year.  On the docket are:  short hikes to the beaver pond, a hopeful Molly the Moose sighting, wood stove stoking, cooking and reconnecting with family, spoiling a cousin who recently had knee surgery, looking at old, old books, goats, chickens, and all under the shadow of Mt. Mansfield, a rocky formation that looks like the face of a man forever watching the sky.  It also happens to be the tallest mountain in Vermont, and is an item on the bucket list that I haven’t yet completed, in nearly 30 years of going to VT.  Next year?

Here’s to wishing you well, safekeeping for you and your family, and always striving to put good things in the world despite the challenges against it.  Happy Holidays!