on this day: jan 21

wires and pedals

wires and pedals

on this day jan 21, 2012 (okay, i’m a day late):  we were crowded in to geno’s, huddling up against the stage and drinking rolling rocks to keep warm while our friends filled the room with feedback.


on this day is a way to look back.  pick one photograph (or five or ten!) from this day one, two, twenty years ago… a way to be mindful of memory.

if you’d like to participate, please feel free to add a link in the comments below or provide a link back to the little eye blog on your website.

for more webby photo projects, might i also suggest {this moment} from soulemama and the 52 project from ché and fidel.

rock + cold

today was nice – the rattlesnakes and great western plain are putting out a split together and needed some photos.  i just happen to have a camera:



and they just happened to make nachos and pizza when we got back from the grocery store:

smallIMG_9952-2BWand a couple more:


smallIMG_9889if you’re thinking to yourself ‘ohmygosh, how can i hear these bands?!’ you should probably click here (rsnakes) and here (gplain)



completely unrelated photography i took a few years ago with my medium format camera. there were literally no pictures in my portfolio I could describe as ‘simple.’ that will change.  see for yourself by clicking on this picture to view my picasa pages.

Doing a little New-Year’s-cleaning around here, so don’t mind the mess while I get the site sorted out.  I made no resolutions (I never do) but I decided that the word to keep reminding myself in 2013 is simplify.’  It is so righteously the opposite of everything ‘Audrey’ but every time I find myself loving something aesthetically it’s usually because it’s clean, crisp, fresh, open.  Simple.

So that’s why the website needs to look this way.  It’s also why I needed to go through our hardware drawer (read:  pile) on Sunday to intricately sort half of it and give the remaining half to the recycling man.  Also why I pulled all my shoes out of the closet and decided which majority of them was going to our local clothing charity.  I have too many things, too much noise.  The idea is that I’m going to systematically go through my entire closet from the feet up:  socks are next, then I will be doing pants and skirts.  This keeps the task simple, and in the end, the entire closet will be a reflection of where I want my head to be.

I’d also like to openly invite any of you out there in the ether who have some service, product, or talent that you’d like to have shared in another space.  Musicians, artists, Etsy sellers, chefs, travelers, non-profit organizers, and anything else you can think of.  After all, I can’t really fit a week’s worth of content just talking about myself… c’mon.  I’m not going to pretend I didn’t watch three Law & Order episodes back to back last night.  And totally started viewing the entire series of Arrested Development again in anticipation of the coming season.  I digress.  Just leave a little comment on this entry or email littleeyedesigns at gmail dot com if you’re interested.

’til next time,



voices in january


murmurations:  awesome ladies

Saturday night was a double-whammy.  First, it was an opportunity to make a living while being part of a support team for two excellent, mid-winter performances by Portland’s theatrical women’s chorus, Murmurations, and a visit from Gordon Bok + The Januarymen all the way down from Belfast.

Second, I overcame a reluctant ‘fear’ of asking for autographs.  In a small, local venue you would think it would be easy enough to approach your veritable neighbors and ask them to sign an album cover for you.  Still very hard!  Maybe because I am, at the core, a very private person.  Regardless… I broke that shell open and got Bok to sign a 1975 record I found at the WMPG Record Sale last November as well as a CD cover for my Grammie.  And what was there to be afraid of?  Gordon was super nice, and his chorus friends actually commended my ‘old technology’ and the great record sale find.  Even more special, the last song of the night was performed by both choruses, and was Turning Toward the Morning, the title track of the album.  Whoa!


broke that shyness shell!

Because I found this record in a sea of records and it happens to be my favorite Bok song and now it’s signed, this is really a treasure in my collection.  Do you have any music items that are worth way more to you than they logically should be?

jack + deb


jack + deb special delivery cd envelope

Dropped off a little package of goodness to some friends who were hitched in October ’12.  Jack + Deb play in a local band, alex keaton, and they are wonderful.  So it was really nice to be there for their casual, food-and-fun-filled evening.  Let me just say, the potato leek soup at RiRa was delicious and I still talk about it, even though I ate it three months ago.  Here are some other fantastic and visually delicious moments:



The ceremony was held on the second floor at RiRa, in Portland, Maine’s Old Port right on the water.  You can just make out the parking lot for the Casco Bay Terminal through the windows!  What you are seeing there is some mid-October dusk action here in Maine.



I was particularly happy with the way this shot turned out, pictures of guests can be hard to capture if you’re looking for natural poses and full faces but efforts were rewarded.

bride + baby

bride + baby

Any opportunity to photograph a bride and the youngest infant at the party should be taken – not sure why but it always looks fantastic.  Beautiful baby borrow!

jack + deb

jack + deb

reading: ‘people of the book’

People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks

People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks

My Grammie is a fantastic book giver.  Every birthday, Christmas and sometimes just because she gives a book that is either totally related to something you’re actively interested in at the time or, in this case, a phenomenal read.  I love it when she gives the latter, because it is often something I wouldn’t have picked off the shelf myself, but almost always can’t imagine having missed the opportunity to read it.

This year, I opened up People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks.  I’m only about a chapter or two, but so far as I can tell it’s an artful work of historical fiction.  The work follows the life of the Sarajevo Haggadah backwards, in to time, in all its former ownerships and near-tragedies.  The Sarajevo Haggadah is the oldest existing Haggadah… before starting this book I had no idea what a ‘Haggadah’ was but I do have a particular fondness for very old, illuminated texts no matter what they are.  Because the main character in People of the Book is an obsessive-compulsive perfectionist book restorer the novel gets in to the nitty-gritty, finding hairs and insect wings in the binding of the book, tracing origins to enlighten the reader even more about the volume’s history.

image from the sarajevo haggadah, source:  treasure quest, click for link

image from the sarajevo haggadah, source: treasure quest, click for link

Fortuitously, I’m one of those people that find the History or Discovery channels on the television and can leave it there for hours, just soaking up all the imagery.  Granted, most of the programs on those channels leave you wanting in the content department, but Brooks certainly will make up for that.

Brooks is the author of some other historical fictions, including March which is a closer look at the story of the father from Little Women, both of which I hear are wonderful books.  There are some huge gaps in my literary education, and L.W. is one of them… so I’m sure it’s great.  The book on her list that got me salivating, though, is Year of Wonders, which was recently featured on a particularly boring episode of the Diane Rehm Show that we had to turn off on our way to Vermont last week.  Don’t worry, though, it’s just the show that was boring and not what seems like an great historical fiction about a town in England that was quarantined in the 1600s due to a plague outbreak.  Awesome!  Also horrible, but historical accounts of extreme situations, the plague being kind of the king of extreme situations, are really interesting to me.  So if everything works out with People of the Book I’ll start with Year of Wonders next.

Mmm, winter reading.  I’ll get my peppermint tea, fleece-y blanket and hot water bottle ready for some serious book bliss!

New Year, Refreshed Vision


snowed-over beaver pond at my grammie’s house last week – the little hump to the right in the background is their lodge, the dam is on the left but hard to see

Lissa, over at Barnacle Bags, inspired me this weekend because she came up with a word that she will keep in mind for the coming new year.  Take a look at her blog, it’s pretty lovely.


My word for the year, or at least for now, will be ‘simplify.’  I’ve always loved simple, clean things and am inspired by  stark white landscapes, pared-down closets with only a few, quality options, lack of clutter.  Oh, clutter, I know you well.  So this year (or, for now) I will work on simplifying, cleaning out and the reduction of all those little noises in my world that begin to drown out the real music when they get out of control.

Happy New Year to all of you!