voices in january


murmurations:  awesome ladies

Saturday night was a double-whammy.  First, it was an opportunity to make a living while being part of a support team for two excellent, mid-winter performances by Portland’s theatrical women’s chorus, Murmurations, and a visit from Gordon Bok + The Januarymen all the way down from Belfast.

Second, I overcame a reluctant ‘fear’ of asking for autographs.  In a small, local venue you would think it would be easy enough to approach your veritable neighbors and ask them to sign an album cover for you.  Still very hard!  Maybe because I am, at the core, a very private person.  Regardless… I broke that shell open and got Bok to sign a 1975 record I found at the WMPG Record Sale last November as well as a CD cover for my Grammie.  And what was there to be afraid of?  Gordon was super nice, and his chorus friends actually commended my ‘old technology’ and the great record sale find.  Even more special, the last song of the night was performed by both choruses, and was Turning Toward the Morning, the title track of the album.  Whoa!


broke that shyness shell!

Because I found this record in a sea of records and it happens to be my favorite Bok song and now it’s signed, this is really a treasure in my collection.  Do you have any music items that are worth way more to you than they logically should be?

One thought on “voices in january

  1. Hey Audrey, good for you for getting those signatures. He has a nice strong handwriting. How was the concert, gosh I wish I could have been there. And thanks for your replies about the late August trip to Montreal….Elizabeth and I realize that it will be more driving for you, but we will help you out as much as we can…. films, food, fun….I will look into hotels, film schedules, bike rentals, restaurants, etc… Snow is melting like mad here, nice for a break, but I am glad you and Jason and I got to hike a bit through the woods. The beaver pond water ismelted, I keep thinkiing I will see a beaver poke his head up , but I suspect they are hanging out in the house, knowing cold is coming. Dont forget I want a photo of Jason for the shelf. I gave the earrings to Elizabeth when I saw her last Saturday. She and Griffin and I went to see Life of Pi, an amazing movie. rare that I like a movie as much as the book, but this one is amazing. Ang Lee as director deserves as much credit as Spielberg for “Lincoln”.. love, Grammie

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