a year ago today: such bliss

yuna, the big one

yuna, the big one

Today, I nurse a summer cold and perform all the daily tasks with as little energy spent as possible.  What an excellent opportunity to share photos from a year ago today (give or take).  Last early August I was waiting for my friends to pick me up to go down to Cambridge to see The Rattlesnakes at Zuzu’s Night of the Living Deadhead.  With a big jar of catnip on the second floor and the kitties enjoying the warm sidewalk below we thought it’d be kind of funny to sprinkle it on them like manna from heaven.  It was.

cash, the little one

cash, the little one

This is also just minutes before the big one saw a seagull creeping up behind the little one and jumped on its back (to protect her?  How valiant…), only to have the seagull take-off with him in tow.  It must have freaked him the hell out because he ran in to the neighbors bushes to lick his wounds (pride) in underestimating the size of that dirty bird.  That’s what drugs will do to you!

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