hotel chez maman

kicking back in a borrowed bed

kicking back in a borrowed bed

Living on the outskirts can be tough sometimes, unless you’ve got family on the peninsula.  On Friday I worked a double, and they let me out early at the dayjobstudio so I could’ve driven home and driven back to town but that’s no good.  Too much commute for one day.  Nightjobmayostreet is about three blocks from my parents’ apartment on Munjoy Hill so in a moment of clarity I met up with with Dad for the keys and took a snooze on Maman’s bed.  There’s no comfier place than your mother’s room, in case you were wondering.  Hope I didn’t get my summer cold germs on her pillow!  Must be that children are constantly and forever making their parents sick, whether their 3 or 30.

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