little sprats

good news for vegetable lovers

good news for vegetable lovers

Wasn’t it just last Wednesday I put these suckers in the ground?  Already the mesclun and kale are sprouting those first, tiny little pairs of leaves.  Completely irrelevant to the rest of the life of the plant but oh, so important to expectant gardeners.

The broccoli seedlings, too, has increased in size by double since last Wednesday.  At our  apartment the phrase ‘full sun’ was inapplicable.  Here, the sun shines for days.  We dried our towels on the clothesline, which I’d never done before.  I thought for sure it would take all day – only took two hours.  And no electricity wasted.  It was sweet, because the neighbor in back of us was hanging her laundry, too.  It’s nice to live in a place where all these people are taking such care.

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