frogs out here



an epic discovery in the way, way back of the yard today – frogs!  we shouldn’t be surprised, the big gray cat was causing quite a stir for the last couple of weeks coming in to the house with entire amphibians stuffed in his mouth, just a little arm or leg popping out… somehow all of them made it.  seems he just wanted to show us what was going on back there.

IMG_0616which is great, because it provides hours of entertainment for several ladies, all under the age of 6, who visit our house.  and two big people.  and two cats.  heck, everyone loves catching frogs (and releasing them).

IMG_0599they’re fantastic, patient little creatures that will tolerate your presence as long as they know you’re just watching.  how many do you see in the picture above?  so far, i’ve just seen two but there could be little froggy figures in the murky ‘deep’ (oh, about 8 inches or so, depending on rainfall).

looking forward to the spring and their tadpoles, long strands of bubbles with little black eyes, tremendous little lives in there waiting for the warmth so that they can spring forth.  we want to dig a deeper hole for them, a pond if we dare, since they are pretty keen on mosquitoes and we are not.  would not want to disturb the good thing they have going, though… advice?



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