’tis the season


last weekend was a bit of a nothing weekend, in that there were no plans, specifically, but a loose string of indulgences.  breakfast ‘out,’ christmas tree selection, cleaning up and hunkering down.IMG_1183

this one came by for a visit, isn’t she sweet?  we snuggled under my big, brown scarf while we watched the guys wedge, maul and look at the wood pile in the garage before determining yes, at one point it had been dry, but now it is on its way to being petrified.  no wonder we were getting so sore trying to split it!

IMG_1188and finally we assembled the tree, its lights, and what few ornaments we have.  the cuckoo clock one has been expertly lifted from my mother’s collection, it’s one of my favorites.  the tree is another bright, new corner of the room which is pretty necessary this time of year since i drive to work just as the sun rises, work in a room with no windows, then head home just as the sun has finished setting.

good productivity in the dark, though.  i’m working on a wedding photography website that is scheduled to be live for the new year.  i’m so, so excited about the opportunities it might open up in 2014!

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