xmas reflection

merry, merry, merry…

IMG_1308yes, I know everyone’s already moved on to the glittery magic that is the turning of the calendar year, but I just wanted to take a little minute to reflect on the big, full week we had last week.

Above, K opens a Christmas Eve present – her very own backpack and a little rocket-shaped nightlight in the perfect color:  purple.

IMG_1331S & B ended a very full + busy Christmas Day with some flashlight silliness, which is extra silly when you are full of dessert!

IMG_1334Oh!  Our trek back up the coast took a detour when my rear passenger tire decided it was too cold + popped!

IMG_1333A warm sight to return home to.  A little, glass bird that has been on Grammie’s tree for as long as I can remember.  I like it’s feathery tail.

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