water bugs

My heart!  Going back through pictures in 2014, I found these ones from when brother took his daughter to the pool on our Grammie’s most recent visit to Portland.  The littlest one spent the summer getting used to swimming where her toes can’t reach.  Although she looks like a baby chimp clinging to her Mama in these pictures, the little woman now kicks and glides and floats after all this year’s practice.

blog5 blog9blog8 Her dad’s always been a dolphin, scaring everyone when he would jump in the deep end without hesitation at the mature age of two.  Even still, his method of teaching her to swim was a lesson in trust, bonding and total security in the water.  My heart swells to know what an awesome father he is.

marlo, our newest



Our little guy!  Obviously this little bit of web space has not been updated in awhile, and as life is wont to do there have been changes, changes, changes.

Change #1:  We bought a house.  Yes!  It’s awesome, and terrifying.  More on that later.

Change #2:  We are increasing our chances of becoming crazy cat people, the population has grown from 2 to 3 since we last posted.

A warm, July evening my husband met me in the driveway as I came home from having 12 inches of hair chopped off.  He held up his phone with a picture of a kitten and said “Wanna go get him?!”

Of course, husband, of course.

So we picked him up from a friend’s farm in the countryside and rode home with him in my lap in the dying light.  I remember the temperature was the perfect kind when you can’t tell where your skin stops and the air starts.  Marlo was trembling in my lap so I wrapped him in my hoodie and held on tight.

A friend recently reassured me that in order to graduate from ‘cat people’ to ‘crazy cat people’ the ratio of cats to people needs to be 3:1.  So frankly we’re three cats away, and considering husband’s allergies’ reluctance to adjusting to Marlo I think 3 is going to be the number for awhile.

Welcome home, buddy!