wild things

smDSC_5284smDSC_5273 smDSC_5262 smDSC_5245 smDSC_5306Some shots from the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray, Maine this past weekend.  Our local wildlife is so much more impressive when it’s up close and not rustling through the garbage bins, making a mess.  The Maine Wildlife Park is a rehabilitation center, so these animals wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild.  For the most part, their enclosures are pretty big.  I’d love to see the mountain lion get a little more room to wander, but the coyote had quite a running space, the moose and bears, too.

Last pic isn’t an animal on display, but she’s native to Maine and definitely very wild!

little eye photography

weblogoI am so so pleased to announce that my brand new photography website is up, live, and full of photographs for you to look at!  For the past seven years, I’ve photographed weddings as a hobby and am making the move to shoot just a little more seriously.

My friend, Rocco, designed the website for me and it’s powered through WordPress, which makes me a lot less anxious about knowing how to update albums and make posts.  While the site mostly serves as a portfolio, it also includes a blog where I will post wedding tips, updates and reflections.


blue hill wedding, maine, 2009

Just a little here on my photography philosophy:

When I am hired to capture weddings, engagements, maternity photos, family, senior portraits and more I will always always provide all the images to the client who has hired me.  These files are high resolution, printable up to 8×10 without loss of quality.  You may share and print your photos to your heart’s content.  I understand why some photographers may do otherwise, but for me this is what works.

I am offering an early booking discount for wedding photography packages, so if you’re getting married in the Portland, Maine area (I will travel, too!) and book with me before February 28th I will take $100 off all wedding packages offered.

I am so psyched that this year will bring more photography, more weddings (aw, so sweet all the time) and more creativity.  I’m not a resolution kinda girl, but this seems like a good start to a new year!

Mayo Street Arts Seeks Fall ’12 Interns

There’s been a lot going on around here lately.  Namely, turning our 2-bedroom apartment in to a bottle cap factory, making major life changes (ehh, not for the internet!  You’ll just have to keep guessing), and woop! woop! I’m now officially the Events Coordinator at Mayo Street Arts.  If you’ve followed me at all you know I talk about this place way too much.  It’s close to my house, they like me a lot (and I like them), and there is a HUGE variety of events that happen there from contradances, rock shows, puppet theatre, children’s workshops, artist studios, on and on and on.

In any case, Mayo Street is looking for interns from Sept 1st through December 20th of this year – perfect for the fall semester of any college-going people who want to gain experience in arts and event coordinating.  Every day is different at MSA and activities include, but are not limited to, flyering, painting multi-person parade dragons (see above), design work, sewing, painting, repairs, event coordinating, board meetings, community outreach AND MORE.  Of course, you’re doing it all for free but most colleges have internship credits that need to be filled, and some even have paid internship programs to help students make money while learning valuable skills in their field.

Aspiring musicians, artists, community leaders, and public relations people are wanted!  Big time!  Oh, and of course people who might just be interested in helping out a great organization in a great neighborhood who want to volunteer to help us in an exciting time of growth.

If you’re interested in this for yourself or someone you know, email:  director [at] mayostreetarts [dot] org

The Big Thaw Applications are open – and will be until February 29th!

Click here to purchase last year's poster from my Etsy shop

Hello, all, just a quick word that The Big Thaw 2012 is going to be on Saturday, May 12 at the Mayo Street Arts Center in Portland’s East Bayside — applications are open and available at the Big Thaw website.  You have until February 29th to get them in!

Alas, Groundhog: Let’s Think of the Warmer Days

That dumb groundhog ‘saw his shadow’ although apparently he’s been ‘wrong’ 39% over the last 100 years or something like that.  Still – it’s discouraging news.  Though the winter has been mild, the mildest I can remember for a long time, I’m longing a bit for green grass, barbecues and warm, summer breezes.  Here are some pictures from last year’s Memorial Day barbecue that made me particularly happy tonight:

The Backyard: Kristina and Derek front and center

Dudes w/legs crossed

Handsome Rondo, the Wonder Dog


A real Face-y book page!

Click Here to Get to Little Eye on Facebook

Ok, ok — so when I originally started my Facebook presence as Little Eye I made it a ‘person’ instead of a ‘page.’  Woops!  Now, to encourage you to “like” my page just as much as you like my person I’m offering a 10% off Little Eye at Picnic coupon at my new page’s site.  Here is the link that you must click in order to get there.  You can also click on that gawdy “Facebook” icon to the right.  Or that awesome Little Eye logo above.  Then!  Print out the ol’ coupon, bring it to me when you’re buying awesome bottle cap stuff, and call it good!

Chalk the Walk – To Craft or Not To Craft?

Serious Bakery Eagle. Also, click on this image to apply.

I just got, er… found… an email in my much-neglected inbox about Biddeford’s Chalk the Walk coming up Saturday, September 24th in downtown Biddeford, ME.  A few thousand people generally meander their way through this event that is looking for craft vendors (apply here) or artists to actually design chalk paintings for local business sponsors.  Vendors pay a fee ($25?) but artists play for free (obviously) while businesses pay the sponsor money, some of which goes towards prizes for the best work!

Pretty cool.  I’m deciding right now whether to craft fair it up or not – I’m a busy wholesale lady these days but I do love me some ground paintings, that’s for sure.


cello bags 4 eva

Don’t worry, the novelty isn’t lost on me.  I plan on having bottle cap pin ‘6 packs’ ready to go (and for only $10) by the Christmas season!  For now, though, marvel at my ‘PhotoBooth’ technique and my ‘pretend to know how to do graphic design on a shoestring’ technique.  3 packs will debut at Picnic Music + Arts Festival in Lincoln Park, Portland, ME on Saturday, August 27th!

Also, while I was writing this there was a kitchen fire in the apartment building next door to mine, in the apartment that is on the same level as our main floor.  I hope it’s not bad and that the little kiddos that usually wave ‘hi!’ to me out the back stairwell while I’m cooking dinner don’t have to stay somewhere else for the night.  Just looks like smoke damage at this point, but the neighborhood was just FULL of firetrucks!  For any and all really important info, check the national Fire Safety Website.  Better to be prepared than caught off guard…