Pictures of Behbehs!

Becoming an aunt came with lots of fun extras:  recapturing hide-and-seek as a normal passtime, random (free) babysitting opportunities, and diaper changing poo-review.  All these and more were worth it to have a 24/7 built in baby girl to take pictures of.

she cannot stop me from snapping!

My lofty goals as a an ‘art photographer’ have dissolved in the mid-to-late 20’s overload of weddings, births and kids growing up.  Dreams of showing cerebral work in underground galleries made way for snapping portraits of thoughtful babies for family photo albums.

C. doing "Kisses"

But because I can do both of these simultaneously (lofty goals, humble portraits) I’m feeling pretty excellent about spending time with these vertically challenged, incredibly observant fresh little human people.


Portrait sessions, FYI, are $120, last about an hour to an hour and a half at a location of your choosing and include a CD of high resolution images that you can print to your heart’s delight.  I photograph using a Mamiya C330 twin lens camera ca. 1970s-80s. using medium format film.  Negatives are available for purchase, in addition to the CD, if you’d like.

With the holidays coming up these might be a really nice something to slip in with the the gifts to Grandma, Grampy and everyone else.

And for the DIY crowd out there, some simple tips for photographing kids:  get down low, be on their level.  Try not to overly engage the child you’re photographing – images taken when they’re ‘doing their own thing’ will be a lot more honest and less forced.  Lastly, bring some props that the little bean won’t mind using – i.e. a big lollipop, a bubble machine or a radio flyer:  the list goes on.  Keep the composition simple and focused on what’s important and you’re sure to make some winners.