A Week in Pictures – 5/1/12

gift wrap, smith street style

Gift-wrap.  It’s usually best if you use things that you have lying around the house, which in our case clearly is some kraft paper, sharpees, a leftover Christmas bow and a patriotic gingham ribbon used to dress up one of the presents we brought to the birthday girl’s Minnie Mouse themed party on Sunday.  Presents are about three things:  anticipation, surprise and usefulness.  Nothing like a sweet wrapping job to get ’em excited!!

party favors for little mickeys

H. did an amazing job at decorating the house with Minnie decorations.  There was also one little boy at the party and his gift bag looked like Mickey’s characteristic red underpants.  So awesome!

and for little minnies

And these, for all the little girls (sooooo many little girls!) little Minnie favor bags.  Cute little presents inside, too!  My niece wouldn’t put her Minnie stickers down until the coloring book, coffee table and two cats were covered in them.  It certainly brightens up the place.

making Portland beautiful, one flyer at a time

Also, J. and I spent Saturday walking around downtown Portland and flyering for The Big Thaw (May 12) and the Pussy Riot benefit show (tonight, at SPACE Gallery 538 Congress St., Portland) he and his band are playing.  You should go – oppression stinks, and seeing Metal Feathers for the first time in a few months in order to fight it is a pretty win-win situation.

time to start practicing

Lastly, Bath Salts (that’s me, Tara and Jason) have a show on May 12 at Bayside Bowl.  That’s the same day as the Big Thaw.  May 13 is gonna be awesome and relaxing.  Also cause it’s Mother’s Day, and mine is lovely.  Wait – focus.  Bath Salts has a show, and that means we need to start practicin’ big time!  I wrote a song about the summertime and we have a bunch of other new songs, but if you want to listen to the ones we already recorded you can do it at our Bandcamp page by clicking here.

A Brief Hiatus – Based on a True Story of Music, Event Organization + Bottle Caps

Bath Salts (the band)

Hey internet, how’s it going.  I have been on a brief hiatus from posting new Etsy listings, making “Little Eye” products and being a good businesslady.  That’s okay:  the ebb and flow of the creative process shouldn’t be fought.  In fact, to do a good job sometimes you have to act like an anti-business to maintain your happiness and freshness – that’s what I’ve been doing.

What’s been keeping my hands busy:

Big Thaw applications just closed, so now begins the process of learning everything about the vendors and posting article after article online.  I love that part.  I think we’ll be doing some raffles/giveaways through the site this year and I’ll try to amp up marketing.  Anyone know anything about that?  I sure don’t!  Well actually I know a little… what I really need to know is someone on TV or someone who writes for local press.  Hook it up!

Also, I’ve been chugging away at a large wholesale order for a lovely wine and beer supply company out of Seattle, WA.  There’s nothing like filling your kitchen with a stockpile of bottle caps, washing them, poking holes in them, beading them, packaging them and shipping them to really get your heart racing!  Actually, it’s fun and totally satisfying to complete a huge order and to do it with some kind of process.  But it’s definitely taking up some serious creativity time!

Lastly, our band Bath Salts has been writing, recording, practicing songs like nuts since September.  It’s so much fun.  We just get together, make loud sounds, work until the sounds are good together, then find some people who want us to play at their venue and pack it up in the car and go there.  You can view a couple of our songs here on Bandcamp, but there’ll be about 6 more in the next coming weeks.  Check back!