Brick and Mortar Opening: pinecone+chickadee

Hey!  Don’t you guys just love Picnic?  Hasn’t it made living in Portland just that much cooler?


Well, some of the brains and adorableness behind Picnic (pinecone+chickadee) are having a Grand Opening of their brick and mortar shop for First Friday:  tonight!  Amy and Noah will have delicious wine and snacks, but it really doesn’t matter booze or not, since you can purchase a purse shaped like a taco, a funny looking head of a tiger roaring (vintage), a weird lamp with fake plants in it that ‘rains,’ designs by Kris Johnsen (Emblem Studio), Meagan Anderson and more.  Big, chunky jewelry, the memory game from Merchants Row and, of course, your favorite designs from pinecone+chickadee.

There are a myriad of other reasons to head to Free St. tonight.  First of all:  Friday afternoon coffee at Arabica will ensure that you’ll be peppy and awake for the FINAL Marie Stella Show at Empire Dine + Dance with Hi Tiger and the Sunset Hearts.  P.S. They’re all good.  Secondly, pinecone+chickadee is situated between your caffeine fix and Find, which has the wherewithall to sell MY products (yeah!) as well as vintage and gently used clothing selected with impeccable taste.  Perfect!

Fine Feathers Make a Fine Bird by Meagan Anderson

Day 5 of Giving: Surprises!

This picture will be used appx. 3,267 times before Dec. 25th, I am sure.

This one’s quick, because we just finished shooting the Coffee By Design Holiday Party at Empire (p.s. it was awesome).  I found this on a friend’s Facebook page yesterday and was struck by the wonder these people created just using the element of surprise to the umpteenth degree.

Surprises are great because they make normal things special.  A candy bar?  Not that special if you’re buying gas and do an impulse buy at the counter.  However, if your coworker shows up with your favorite candy bar, that’s special!  Going to see a choral concert with a friend?  Nice, but not totally strange…  Sitting at the food court in the mall and having the chorus come to you?  Surprise!  So special.

P.S.  I cried a little every time the camera panned to a little kid watching this.  They have no idea the world isn’t like this normally!  If that ain’t some Xmas magic, I don’t know what is.