Wedding Snapshots

After months and months of contemplation, and future plans for an actually, really real wedding photography website, I’ve updated my wedding photography portfolio.  I’m strictly against flash movies, vomit-inducing midi files and hard-to-navigate web galleries so the portfolio is a scroll-down what-you-see-is-probably-what-you’ll-get type portfolio.  I’d love it if you had the chance to scroll through, and of course comments are always, always appreciated.

Potential clients can rely on a few things:  I’m goofy, but I’ll keep it under control on your special day.  I’ve been told about once per wedding by a family member or client that I’m super discreet (“I barely noticed you during the reception!”)  I’m a sucker for details, and you’ll probably have just as many pictures of your centerpieces and floral arrangements as you Aunt Trudy.  I shoot in film and, ta-da, as of December 2010, with a digital Nikon camera, too.  I can offer as little as a couple hours of service or as much as an entire weekend, and I’m also keen on striking deals with other talented people if they have goods or services they can offer in return for my wedding photography time.

If’n you have any questions about getting Little Eye for when you get hitched, you can contact me by commenting on the blog or emailing littleeyedesigns {at} gmail {dot} com.



This weekend was a sweet, little one.  The boyfriend and I walked towards India St. on Saturday morning to meet extended family for brunch: with rumors of Snoop Dogg craving Good Egg Cafe treats (he was staying in the hotel where once stood the famous Jordan’s defunct hot dog factory).  Excitement all around when the waitress told us so.

Although Snoop failed to show, we had a lovely breakfast.  Saturday afternoon was spent making arrangements with Grammie for a ‘ahead of time’ birthday party for the wee one, she’s going to be three soon.  It’s very cute.  We also swam in the pool at the Marriott residence inn which was refreshing, even though it was basically kindergarten soup when we got in.  Much less the hot tub.  It’s good we aren’t picky people!

Sunday came, and off to Two Fat Cats to pick up the cupcakes (yum) only to be greeted with the road blocked off.  Bomb scare.  Entrance to Two Fat Cats not interfered with, so we got the cupcakes anyways while Dad and Ki sat waiting in the car.  Small towns and suspicious packages aren’t the best combination when it comes to common sense.

Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting. With complimentary candle by chance - they are the BEST.

O.K., Firstly:  Two Fat Cats is my favorite indulgence this week.  You don’t really have to buy anything when you go there, but you should – the experience of walking in alone is enough.  The pies cool on open, wooden racks within licking distance of the cash register.  An airpot of freshly brewed, proprietary blend by Coffee By Design is always available.  Also cookies.  And whoopie pies:  and not the disgustingly sugary kind we Mainers are so well known for.  No.  These are soft, velvet-y, melt in your mouth whoopie pies.  They come in pumpkin, too.  A coffee and this will cure whatever ails you, unless it’s diabetes, but even then as long as you’ve got your insulin with you it’s totally worth it.

We also popped down to Commercial St. to the new Rosemont Produce market that has just opened up.  Word to the wise Portlander:  you do NOT want this place to close.  They’re open 7 days, so I suggest some additional trips here instead of the weird produce section at Paul’s if you’re strictly a peninsula grocery shopper.  Many local options, big door that opens up to the sea breeze on nice days:  win win win.

Coastal Girl

We walked around down by the Ocean Gateway Terminal.  It’s post-apocalyptic when the cruise ships aren’t in, there aren’t even any seagulls there.  We tried bring a shopping bag full of sweet potato fries leftovers but ended up leaving them on the sea wall for any future gulls, pigeons or starlings who might happen by.  We did play on the rocks for an unusually long amount of time.  Rocks suddenly because super-toys, even for a 28-year-old, when a three year old is calling the shots.  Games such as “pile of rocks” or “toss rocks” or “throw rocks in to the ocean, count the splashes” passed the time.  Aunt Audrey got tired when the game became “Get Aunt Audrey to lift me on to the really big rocks so I can jump off of them in to her arms,” and we headed back to the hotel room for pizza, cupcakes and ice cream.  Mmmm the holy trinity of birthday food.

Grammie was a librarian in a middle school in Northern Vermont for a good deal of her professional life.  There’s a patience she has in communicating stories to children that is so familiar to me, because maybe when I was three it was the same tone, the same measured patience in waiting for wee one to understand all the excellent things those pages held.  In a very concrete way, wee one is my niece.  But in a more fluid, experiential way she is my little, little sister, too.


The adults in her life are the same as mine, only this time I am one of them, even if I drastically underestimate my ability to belong to that team.  The vibrations of my father’s voice when I hear him calming her after some kind of harrowing, toddler run-in with the corner of a coffee table; the welcoming, unconditional hug of my mother’s arms and that very disarming and familiar smell of her freshly washed L.L. Bean button-down shirts.  Ki will know the things I know when she’s older, plus more.

Maybe I am just sentimentally finishing up my Monday, with a long to-do list and not much patience for it, I’d rather sift through pictures of the people I love and reflect.  Sometimes temptation is so good to give in to.


Love Like Hers and a Lobster Boat, too.

It wouldn’t matter if I went blind tomorrow because the ancient expression on her young, young face has been scratched in to my memory.  I don’t generally post little kid pictures on the internet because there’s this thing where they have no choice, yet, but already by the time they are ready to be interested in the internet they have an internet presence.  It’s weird!  Like a million little child stars or something.  But I had to make an exception because I like the composition, K’s expression, and the fact that even in bright mid-day sun one can still catch amazing light with enough tiny, little curls.

This picture comes from a series of images I took when the Northhaven/Isle au Haut branch of our family was in town.  Family visit got coupled with boat-buying excursion and my 15-year-old cousin purchased a lobster boat with the money he’d earned hand-hauling traps for the last three years.  Congratulations, Ethan!

Captain Ethan

We’re so proud of him and I’m looking forward to playing sternman for a day if I can manage to get over the bucket-as-a-bathroom system and invest in a gallon of sunscreen before we head out.  Either that or I can come along and take pictures like these:

The Wheel

Some Levers


Audrey, Where Have You Been??

Hiding! Ok, actually just giggling.

Short answer:  busy!

Long answer:

Since The BIG THAW completed its wonderful, whirlwindy, nutso course I’ve been doing a few excellent things.  In no particular order… celebrated three birthdays, spent quality time with family, got really, really, really, REALLY sick, got better, got sick again, can’t hear out of my right ear for 48 hours (current), have been working on an enormous wholesale order, have been building stock for tomorrow’s craft fair (9am to 1pm at the Williston West Church, Saturday May 7th, Thomas St. in Portland’s West End) and desperately trying to clean my house… only to mess it up again very quickly with the previously mentioned wholesale order.

Bottle Cap Wine Charms, $10.00 for a Set of 6

It’s pretty cool.  A beer and wine novelty supplier out of Washington State saw my work online, contacted me, and enlisted me to make a bunch of these wine charms.  One of the really great things about making things with my hands is that oftentimes my window shoppers and customers are the most inventive with ideas for new products.  Without them I wouldn’t have made pendants (necklaces), wine charms, earrings, custom magnet and pin sets, wedding favors, alphabet magnet sets, and on and on.  This is the latest addition to my line up.  What’s next?  Mike Cunnane (of Brass Cankles, Huak, Rattlesnakes, Sunset Hearts fame) suggest ‘beer medallions’ as a beer drinker’s alternative to the wine charms.  I am so on it.

Together, at last

Talk about a whirlwind month.  After 8 years of us not being in the same room, college buddies and bestest ladies in the universe (myself included) met up in Boston.  The reason we were able to do this was that Jet (center) was visiting with her boyfriend who is the director of photography in upcoming film Bellflower.  It’s going to be in theatres in August and we got to see the flame-throwing car that Evan built for the film.  And lit it up in the parking garage outside of Boston University!  Rock.  Well, anyways, she lives in Ventura, CA and Shira (right) lives in Boston and me (left), I’m the yokel who decided to move away from any major metropolitan area.  I love Portland.  But I think I might love Jet and Shira more.

Brunch! Family!

You know what else I love?  The Good Egg.  It’s even better when, once a year, my grandmother (on the left side of the table) visits with her brother and his wife.  This year I joined them along with my aunt, uncle and two cousins who were down for the weekend from North Haven.  My cousin bought a lobster boat with his own money saved up from hauling traps by hand for 5 years – he’s 15!  Pictures of that to come.  🙂

The BIG THAW Pictures are coming soon!

I got some awesome pictures of vendors, shoppers, helpers and purchases from The BIG THAW.  The images will be up on the website shortly (finally!!) as soon as I can get twenty minutes to do it.  So bizarre to look back at them and think how smoothly and wonderfully the day went.  Yesss.

Clothes are Awesome! Share them!

That’s Kate in an awesome dress at Althea and Jay’s marriage celebration.  Coincidentally, she’s involved with a team of Portland fashion bloggers who have organized Swap Maine, a citywide clothing swap to benefit Goodwill of New England.  It will also benefit you because you get to pick out clothes you like just for donating your own!  Or paying $10 at the door.  It all goes to Goodwill and you get to fill a bag with awesomeness.  The first 250 shoppers will receive a swagbag, and included in it will be your very own Swap Maine/Little Eye Designs bottle cap pin.  I’m excited to work on this, support great writers and support Goodwill of New England.  Yes!  Please click here for more information about how you can join in the fun.

That’s all for now, I’m sleepy and I have to sell a bunch of stuff tomorrow!  Seriously.  My craft fair dream is to sell half the stock I bring… if I did that tomorrow maybe I could finally catch up on my student loans.  Which I just deferred.  For a year.  Thank you, pro-credit score governmental initiatives.  Maybe I’ll start looking at grad schools now…?


Day 13 of Giving: Family Time.

Family time a LONG time ago. Leopard vest Audrey on the right.

Guhhh!  So crazy and busy all the time!  By day, I’m an exhausted merch prep assistant.  By night, I’m a crafty lady in pajamas.  So when do I get to hang out with my loved ones?

Carve out a window of time, whether it’s an hour or three, to just relax and spend with family.  Tonight I played Sonic the Hedgehog with my brother, ate dinner with my dad and put my niece to bed after a warm bath!

Ohhh, it was so nice.  And it was free.  How do you like that?

Family Time When Dad Turned 50.