Day 9 of Giving: Learn Something New

Ohh, oh kittens, I am so tired tonight.  I’m also hopped up on epoxy and dazzle tac fumes, as Picnic is quickly approaching.  Will I see you there?  Kicking around some ideas about having a raffle where I take pics of people who visit me, mention the raffle, and let me shoot them!  Then check back on the blog to see if you’re the one who got it!  More to come tomorrow morning.

Tonight (quick) entry is about learning something new.  Learn conversational Portugese (just enough to say hello, how are you, where’s the bathroom, a glass of port, please, etc.)!  Learn a new guitar chord, recipe, dance move.  If you learn it from someone else then you’re giving yourself a present AND them, the satisfaction of sharing their expertise.  Even as easy as watching a documentary about something you never knew you were interested in.

To bed, to bed!