This is me, not even trying!


Today has been brilliant.  I had the day off and spent most of it huddled over bottle cap pins that I will be donating to the swag bags at SWAPMaine tomorrow (stay tuned for more information).  But!  I did interrupt my glorious day off to head over to Bang! on Congress St. (next to the Cryptozoology museum) to see Sierra, aka the master of making my hair look cool.

I downloaded a fuzzy picture of what I wanted and told her that I wanted something I didn’t have to do anything to to make it look cool when I get out of the shower.  My hair was really long and huge and thick (as you can see from my previous post) and really difficult to wash.  If I wanted to straighten it it took about 30 minutes and sometimes my hair would still be wet the morning after taking a shower the previous night.

So!  She was super excited about the cut, explained to me what I could do with it (how it would look when it was straight, curly, etc. etc.) and then we began.  It was super fast, took about 20 minutes and then she put a little bit of really awesome smelling stuff in my hair… but just a little bit.  She didn’t want to do anything that I wouldn’t normally do.

On the plus side — S. said that this was the kind of haircut that ‘you can let go for days without washing’ which, conveniently enough, works in with my schedule of never having enough time to wash my hair.  She also put something in my hair (salt spray?  hmm?) to ‘add a little dirty’ and I totally love that I’ve found someone who gets what I’m trying to do with my hair… which is to basically neglect it and look awesome.  Yes!

As suspected, my hair got super curly when she thinned it and cut layers in it.  Sometimes I forget that I have wavy to curly hair, and having a haircut to compliment is just about the damned best thing I can think of.  Lots of people always want a different kind of hair than they have — people with beautiful, stick-straight Nico hair want thick curls.  Lusciously curled goddesses always want a cut that just doesn’t work for curlies.  But I’m so happy with what I got, and rockin’ what you already have is sooooo much easier than paying to get something you don’t!  (Dyeing, perming, bleaching, etc. etc.)

If you didn’t catch my drift already, what I’m saying is is Sierra is the best and if you like looking great then you’ll probably go to her next time you need your ears lowered.  As for me?  My head weighs 100 lbs. less and I feel like 1,000,000 dollars.  So yeah!

Finding My Visual Language

Any handmade, small business adventurer will tell you the hardest thing about start up is choosing a name and choosing a brand.  Although I found my name almost two years ago and am still quite pleased, it’s been a process finding the visual language that is appropriate for the product, appropriate for me, and can be used in multiple ways to accentuate not just one product, but many.

There are more than a few Etsy shops that have a visual language that they stick with that truly works for them.  Two of my favorites (and Etsy superstars who also happen to be part of the “MaineTeam“) are Rocky Top Soap Shop and Long Winter Farm.  Just visit those links and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So when I was preparing displays for a craft show last week a big, fancy light bulb went on above me and all of a sudden I knew it!  It had been right there all along.  The finish on the back of my bottle caps is a dappled paint in a variety of colors meant to complement the image on the front.  If photography and that pattern exist side by side in my product why wouldn’t I feature it in my background?  Yes!  So I spray painted some tins from the holidays and set them up to sell last weekend with considerable success, since it was a super nice day and not a lot of indoor craft shoppers were milling around.

Then, this weekend when I sat down to shoot some more product to put in my Etsy shop I was pleased to discover the tins work just as well as a background!  Observe:

Milwaukee's Finest Set of 2 Barrettes - $10 at Little Eye Designs on Etsy

Beasts of Burden - Set of 2 Barrettes, $10 at Little Eye on Etsy

The Good Samaritan - Set of 2 Barrettes from Little Eye on Etsy $10

 So, see?  I think it works.  The cool thing is I can spray paint new backgrounds to change with the season and the items themselves as needed.  Really looking forward to playing more with this, but I finally feel like I’m on the right track with my shop ‘look’ and branding.

I would love to know what you think!