Art Show Euphoria

In case you happen to be strolling down Congress St. in the month of October, in case you happen to luck up and see a big picture window with lush gray walls and a crystal chandelier, and finally in case you happen to see a neat little row of perfectly square photographs hanging on said wall, well why not go up there?

here's something you might see through that window

Because those are MY photographs hanging at the gallery above Harmon’s & Barton’s (at 584 Congress St., across from Paul’s) and you should definitely pop up and see.  Accompanying these 35-ish prints (all for sale, all affordable) is a selection of pins, magnets and jewelry by yours truly. No, I can never let anything be simple.  🙂  H&B will be selling both forms of artwork through the month of October.  Wow wow!  I am a lucky girl.

and here's something that will go around your neck!

I can’t say enough goodness about my experience planning, hanging and showing here.  The staff is amazing, accommodating and the night of the opening they designed floral arrangements to show alongside the work!  So even if you’re not in the market for a photograph or a necklace, why not just give those lovely people something to do and buy a bunch of mums for the porch or a bouquet of greens for someone you think is cute.  Flower artists, these people.  I am in awe.