lost in the woods

I’ve been reading probably the most inspiring series of blog posts, ever, for the last week or so.  Any spare moment I would open up Brittany’s homepage and update myself on her adventures through the Pacific Crest Trail.  Around day 51 she starts posting lots of pictures… but the posts leading up to it are definitely worth the read.

The Pacific Crest Trail runs over 2600 miles from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Coast – through the desert, the Sierra Nevada and the Cascades.  It’s a grueling hike at every point, due to climate and altitude, or usually both.

I got this bee in my bonnet that I wanted to do some longer hikes… two day… three day… a week.  Build up to a point where maybe one day I might be able to do the Appalachian Trail.

I shared this information with Kristina who was equally enthusiastic about the longer hikes.  Then we took a walk on the trails behind my house on Sunday.

Um!  It’s a 1.2 mile trail that loops.  Loops.  And yet somehow we walked for an hour and a half, looping back and forth, being completely confused by the maps that were posted all along the trail.

Eventually we figured out that if we just turned around we’d be walking on the road that I live on — so the trail spit us out just in time for a thunder/lightning storm.  Luckily, Derek had his phone on him but Kristina and I were completely unprepared – so he called Jason to come rescue us.

Dripping wet when we finally made it back, we rewarded ourselves with an ice cream and fried food at the burger joint down the street.

So saying we have a long way to go is an understatement… but there’s nothing we can’t do if we want to.  Just needs a little… little bit of work.