Night Farming

night farmers

Last night, on the way to band practice, I was thinking about how it’d be nice if we could live somewhere rent free.  Some people can – like live-in nannies, farm ‘apprentices’, homeless shelters.  Hm.  But not a lot of options for people with day jobs other than tilling the soil or cleaning up baby pee.  So then I was thinking if there was a kind of farm that worked at night I could do it, because I get out of work right at sunset.  Immediately I was like “Uh, no, Audrey.  No one farms at night.” …  “…wait, are there people who farm at night?”

We discussed it a little at practice.  I kept on coming up with outlandish solutions like people who harvest those fishies with the lightbulbs on their head, or during birthing season since cows don’t care if they’re giving birth during the day or at night.  Enter:  internet.

Turns out in California, it’s much better for workers to start the grape harvest in the wee hours (4am) of the morning.  The workers are less physically stressed because they are not working in extreme temperatures, they can get more done in the same amount of time, they can also work longer if they need to and the energy spent cooling the grapes to their ideal temperature is no longer spent, amounting to lots of savings for the vineyards.

So there you have it:  a practice in free association results in some kind of inspiration.  I think the best medium would be a story, maybe a children’s book, about night farmers.  I wish I could paint better, because it would also make a great painting.  Well, whatever it is I’ll be sure to share it here when I’m done.  🙂

Oh, so that’s why wine’s so cheap at Trader Joe’s!  Or not.  But I’m noticing more and more cheap wines at all the grocery stores.  Not a bad thing, unless they taste bad, then yuck.

The pictures at USA Today are pretty inspiring.  I’d like to be there when the workers are harvesting.  The article says that some places don’t even use flood lights, they use head lamps.  I think that’s more energy efficient, just as effective, and way more aesthetically pleasing.  I just get this mental picture of dozens of tiny headlamp lights in a field of grape vines.  Like little grape mines in the dark.