Christmas Wishes

"miriam" cardigan from Quince & Co. Click to view/purchase pattern.

Aww geez, just when I contented myself with manufacturing little socks, hats and headbands I see a thing of beauty like this.

The simplicity kinda makes me think I could make it and not have bunchy armpit, bulky shoulder and wavy neckline problems, and if you’ve ever been to Knit Wit on Congress St. and touched Quince & Co.‘s yarns… hoo boy.  That’s a nice sweater.

Click Here to view "Chickadee" yarn from Quince & Co.


I think I’m gonna make mine orange (nasturtium).  The apricot totally caught my eye but I have a really special talent at dropping food on my clothes.  I’d also love it in navy or olive green.  What the heck, am I making four sweaters now?  Jeez, focus Audrey!

If anyone out there in internetland wants to partner up and make this sweater for themselves at the same time as me let me know!  Daring to make a pattern for something bigger than 6″ long is a big step, and it wouldn’t hurt to have a buddy to talk to when the going gets tough!