rock + cold

today was nice – the rattlesnakes and great western plain are putting out a split together and needed some photos.  i just happen to have a camera:



and they just happened to make nachos and pizza when we got back from the grocery store:

smallIMG_9952-2BWand a couple more:


smallIMG_9889if you’re thinking to yourself ‘ohmygosh, how can i hear these bands?!’ you should probably click here (rsnakes) and here (gplain)

jack + deb


jack + deb special delivery cd envelope

Dropped off a little package of goodness to some friends who were hitched in October ’12.  Jack + Deb play in a local band, alex keaton, and they are wonderful.  So it was really nice to be there for their casual, food-and-fun-filled evening.  Let me just say, the potato leek soup at RiRa was delicious and I still talk about it, even though I ate it three months ago.  Here are some other fantastic and visually delicious moments:



The ceremony was held on the second floor at RiRa, in Portland, Maine’s Old Port right on the water.  You can just make out the parking lot for the Casco Bay Terminal through the windows!  What you are seeing there is some mid-October dusk action here in Maine.



I was particularly happy with the way this shot turned out, pictures of guests can be hard to capture if you’re looking for natural poses and full faces but efforts were rewarded.

bride + baby

bride + baby

Any opportunity to photograph a bride and the youngest infant at the party should be taken – not sure why but it always looks fantastic.  Beautiful baby borrow!

jack + deb

jack + deb

love to love you

Audrey.  Where have you been!

The truth is pretty sweet, actually, I’ve been off in the land of being-a-wedding-photographer for the last two weeks.  It would not be so bad at all to do this for a living!  I’d sit around in my underwear all week editing photos and then put pants on on the weekend to go share one of those big life events with the most amazing people.

Most recently, Deb and Jack:

And the week before them, Rocco and Megan:

I would sure be a lucky lady if I could spent every weekend (or ALMOST every weekend) doing this for a living!



Week in Pictures: Picking Apples a.k.a. Ice Cream & Hiking

We went up to Hiram, ME today as part of a yearly sojourn involving apples and a great view of the Saco River without too much huffing and puffing.  The apples this year are really scary looking, we managed to find almost a full bag of okay ones after about forty five minutes of looking… very strange.  They will all go in to pies and sauce, I guess… life is so hard.  😉  Maybe it was the hot summer.  In any case, we rewarded our search with two enormous ‘turtle sundaes’ from the gift shop at Apple Acres.  It was a lesson in patience, mostly because there is no line and the ladies behind the counter are simultaneously making fudge, cider donuts, milkshakes and ringing people up.  It was also a lesson in patience because I’ve found I’m a very busy and impatient city lady… so maybe it was just normal and I’m obnoxiously efficient.

After spooning my weight in fudge, caramel and ice cream in to my foodhole we headed to Mt. Cutler to climb it.  Good idea!!  A short hike, but the ice cream weight really did me in.  I threw my camera, water and car keys in to my old Bean bag and headed up with J.R.  I didn’t complain out loud nearly as much as I was on the inside, but it was well worth the familiar view.


It’s a Picnic!

Picnic is almost here!  For those of you who know, you know this is one of the most fun arts, crafts and music festivals that Portland has to offer.  For those of you who DON’T know, then you better find out!  Saturday, August 25th brings sunshine (I hope), arts, crafts, and loud noises to Lincoln Park in Portland, ME.  Lincoln Park is right by the courthouse, on the corner of Franklin Arterial and Congress Street.

Once again, Little Eye will join Kate Sullivan-Jones at a fun-filled booth of buttons, bottle caps, metalwork, vintage goodies, screen printed kid’s clothes and canvas totes.  And I’m sure whatever else we can cram in to our luggage as we pack for Picnic!

We know you’ll be there to enjoy the yummy snacks, get some books signed and listen to some music.  Stop by and say “Hi!”

Hopefully I’ll have some pictures of our new products that will be debuting this weekend… we’re busy, busy in the workshop so no promises!!

Wedding Snapshots

After months and months of contemplation, and future plans for an actually, really real wedding photography website, I’ve updated my wedding photography portfolio.  I’m strictly against flash movies, vomit-inducing midi files and hard-to-navigate web galleries so the portfolio is a scroll-down what-you-see-is-probably-what-you’ll-get type portfolio.  I’d love it if you had the chance to scroll through, and of course comments are always, always appreciated.

Potential clients can rely on a few things:  I’m goofy, but I’ll keep it under control on your special day.  I’ve been told about once per wedding by a family member or client that I’m super discreet (“I barely noticed you during the reception!”)  I’m a sucker for details, and you’ll probably have just as many pictures of your centerpieces and floral arrangements as you Aunt Trudy.  I shoot in film and, ta-da, as of December 2010, with a digital Nikon camera, too.  I can offer as little as a couple hours of service or as much as an entire weekend, and I’m also keen on striking deals with other talented people if they have goods or services they can offer in return for my wedding photography time.

If’n you have any questions about getting Little Eye for when you get hitched, you can contact me by commenting on the blog or emailing littleeyedesigns {at} gmail {dot} com.


Memorial Day 5.28.12

Goofy Girl

In these modern days of doorbuster sales events, sometimes it’s hard to remember that Memorial Day actually serves an important purpose in the year of the American.  The percentage of total population serving in current wars is down to .5% present day, so being alienated from the culture of injury, loss and longing is easy for many people.  Many of us forget that living among us are war veterans who will never receive adequate compensation and care for the emotional and physical injuries they’ve endured.

All we have is our time and our good intentions (since our coffers are bone dry these days), and as the people of our small, Maine hometown came out of the woodwork almost instantaneously this morning for the Memorial Day parade, we listened to the orator of the morning implore civilians to give service in the spirit of those .5% currently serving, or those who have served before, if not for anything but simply the life changing events they have witnessed and taken part in.

We can only hope, then, that our leaders are taking care to keep our men and women safe from harm unless all possible alleys of diplomacy have been tried first.  We can only hope that consumption and greed as a cultural phenomenon of epic proportions in the late 20th and early 21st centuries do not guide elected officials’ wartime whims.  We can only hope that we wouldn’t send our flesh and blood, America’s young minds, across the globe to be wasted on a battlefield in efforts to secure crude resources that, ultimately, have a limited stock.

These hopes may be dashed somewhat easily in a world where water is a sellable commodity, where the last truly justifiable war happened over 50 years ago.  If we ask our soldiers and sailors to make the ultimate sacrifice for us, shouldn’t it be for a just cause and not a staggering, aim-anywhere strike against an adjective or a noun like ‘terror’ or ‘drugs’?

A craft blog, as this probably must mostly look like, is not usually a place for these types of reflections.  But today, looking out over the Memorial Green, dotted with the 50 waving flags (and counting) donated by families of service people killed in action, there really is no place that isn’t appropriate to give our thanks to those who deserve them, and our most severe scrutiny to those in power who wield the fates of men.

Duck Boots

crowning achievement… today

Gettin’ lucky with tan and navy duckies.  There is also some vintage pyrex and a cookie press in need of some photographing to share with the world.  I went thrifting at lunch, again, and had to stuff some tortilla chips in my mouth to keep from passing out.  When I came to there was a bag full of goodies and a serious dent in the bank account…

totally worth it

A Brief Hiatus – Based on a True Story of Music, Event Organization + Bottle Caps

Bath Salts (the band)

Hey internet, how’s it going.  I have been on a brief hiatus from posting new Etsy listings, making “Little Eye” products and being a good businesslady.  That’s okay:  the ebb and flow of the creative process shouldn’t be fought.  In fact, to do a good job sometimes you have to act like an anti-business to maintain your happiness and freshness – that’s what I’ve been doing.

What’s been keeping my hands busy:

Big Thaw applications just closed, so now begins the process of learning everything about the vendors and posting article after article online.  I love that part.  I think we’ll be doing some raffles/giveaways through the site this year and I’ll try to amp up marketing.  Anyone know anything about that?  I sure don’t!  Well actually I know a little… what I really need to know is someone on TV or someone who writes for local press.  Hook it up!

Also, I’ve been chugging away at a large wholesale order for a lovely wine and beer supply company out of Seattle, WA.  There’s nothing like filling your kitchen with a stockpile of bottle caps, washing them, poking holes in them, beading them, packaging them and shipping them to really get your heart racing!  Actually, it’s fun and totally satisfying to complete a huge order and to do it with some kind of process.  But it’s definitely taking up some serious creativity time!

Lastly, our band Bath Salts has been writing, recording, practicing songs like nuts since September.  It’s so much fun.  We just get together, make loud sounds, work until the sounds are good together, then find some people who want us to play at their venue and pack it up in the car and go there.  You can view a couple of our songs here on Bandcamp, but there’ll be about 6 more in the next coming weeks.  Check back!

The Big Thaw Applications are open – and will be until February 29th!

Click here to purchase last year's poster from my Etsy shop

Hello, all, just a quick word that The Big Thaw 2012 is going to be on Saturday, May 12 at the Mayo Street Arts Center in Portland’s East Bayside — applications are open and available at the Big Thaw website.  You have until February 29th to get them in!