Etsy Seller Spotlight: A Greene Bean

Hiya, hiya, everyone.  I hope you’re all enjoying the end of a long weekend.  Or, if you’re like me (and working), at least reflecting on the advances our culture has made in the last 50 years and also appreciative of how much farther we have yet to go.  With all that has been in the local news lately with our (in)famous governor and hate crimes overnight in Biddeford, it’s leaving Little Eye a little lackluster in the creativity department.

Good news, though.  One of the great parts about being a creative person is the dwelling, cogitating, thoughtful, inspiration-seeking side.  This involves a lot of looking at other peoples’ work, asking them about their work, wishing you could do what they do, etc.  So for today I’ll put production aside and revel in the goodness that other Maine artists are putting out in to the world.

The Mist of Morning Original Artwork, $95 by greeneleaf on Etsy.

Which leads me to my next though… Today I thought I would spotlight newcomers to the Etsy MaineTeam:  greeneleaf. Greeneleaf Painters is the collaborative effort of Jeremy Greene and Sabrina Thiemke-Greene.  At first, I responded to the skillfully rendered mixed-media paintings in the Etsy shop.  Then to learn that the work was the product of not one, but TWO people I was even more impressed.  All original artwork in their shop is very reasonably priced and is sold to raise funds for their inspiration, the dream of becoming parents.

Not only are the two of them talented painters, but Sabrina sews as well and has an adorable entry on their blog about her sewing crafts she has made in anticipation of her future Greenebean, I think they should definitely sell some of these on Etsy, too, they’d do great!

Old House Original Artwork, $85, by greeneleaf on Etsy.

Really a fantastic find on a Monday morning just lazing around the internet.  I trust you’ll love their paintings and their story, too, and you can read it here at their blog:  Making a Greene.


In other news, I did make a new blog today … probably because I am a child.  Seriously, the maturity level at LePage Look-a-Like’s is not very impressive, but his uncanny resemblance to lots of other people/places/things is!