kitchen brown



working on this little corner of the house.  the kitchen is this somewhat enchanting collage of different brown wallpapers, a once-white floor that seems to have taken all the deep cleaning it can take.  the overall picture is this brown/green, very comforting tone when you’re in the kitchen at night.  pulled the flowers off the hydrangea bush, now all colors of white and pink as it’s getting colder.

up until about three hours ago this nook was a pile of tupperware, a litter box, a wooden shelf.  a few weeks ago its where our kitchen table was until we decided we liked eating in the living room, instead.  so in quite the unorthodox move we have decided to create a nook in the living room.  for light snacking, coffee + tea drinking, newspaper reading.

i think it needs an area rug.  and maybe one less chair.  and the loveseat needs a cushion or two – the ropes just really aren’t that comfortable on their own.  some other curtains.  the heinous orange ones with brown accents might be nice.  and more art on the walls.  more, more, more!

eventually the kitchen will be painted some bright, saturated colors as is the fashion under our roof.  i have no idea what these future colors are, but let’s take a peek at the living room, shall we?:

oh yeah!  that's bright!

oh yeah! that’s bright!

and it clicked in my head today that the master bedroom will be mustard yellow.  master mustard.  mellow yellow.  here’s some inspiration:

don’t see me by The Light Fantastic on Etsy – click for link

nesting, nesting, nesting.

once upon a time

once upon a time


a quick note on the photograph that’s hanging in the ‘nook.’  it was part of a project i did years ago 60 memories in 60 minutes where I drove around my home town photographing places with historical importance to me.  i’m glad i did it – a lot of things have changed since then.

this is the house i grew up in — doesn’t look like much in the picture but it was taken in late fall, perhaps one of the deadest looking times in maine, and it was before we had done some repair to the home.

the house was sold – it seems like eons ago – we painted it white, added some black shutters and all the trees around the house have been cut down.  it’s a little sad, now, just this little white box on a corner lot in a friendly neighborhood.  i took the image with a 4×5 field camera, and the negative is big and luscious.  the print has a lot of depth and is enlarged to 20×24, stuck inside a 30×40 frame.  i had to readjust it in the frame because the paper had come unhitched since i originally framed it in 2007.  when i hung it one the wall i found myself face to face with the warm glow of the living room lamp shining through the bay windows and remembered that the shadowy figure in the leftmost bay window is that of my mother.  her, that house, that living room glowing struck me while hanging it last night, hit a chord deep, down inside of things that were once familiar.  my mother is not a memory – she is very real!  but the rest of it… all together like that… ghostlike.

I like the idea that photographs, be they well compositioned, lit or not, can have such weighted meaning for different people.  faded relics, distant memories, lost friends.  yet another reason i went in to this field way back when.